View Full Version : cdrs 820MB ??

05-08-02, 05:24 PM

i have big files that i need to put on CDs because i running out of space on my PC so i cant put any more HDDs, the files i have are SVCDs and they are 814MB i know that there are some cds with 90min with would be 800MB but is there any other CDs that can hold at least 820MB ???

DVD is to expensive and it takes a lot of time tho burn it :D so i dont want that ;)

05-08-02, 06:19 PM
your best bet is to zip em into two files

05-08-02, 07:55 PM
99min CD-R's do exist but they are not compatible with all software/hardware, if you can find them

Mitsumi CR4804 & LG CED8080B/8083B do work for sure, as do CDRWin, Feurio!, DiskJuggler & CDRecord
(Some other burners will write up to 90min)

No idea if your philips would do it