View Full Version : Gainward GF4 ti4200 review

05-08-02, 03:31 PM
This little puppy can hang with the big boys when overclocked, good bang for the buck!


05-08-02, 04:16 PM
Prices so far for a ti4200 are not far off the ti4400 ones. Here in the Uk it's about 20-50 dollars depending on manufacturer.

IMO not worth it as they don't provide the same high resolution and FSAA performance even when overclocked as the Ti4400 cards when overclocked aswell. Also there is the fact that the Ti4400 has 3.6ns memory and can abviously clock higher than the ti4200.

From the newegg price list :-

LEADTEK GF4 TI4400 $235.00

GAINWARD GF4 TI4200 $214.00

If the prices were lower then they would be worth it but from my point of veiw i don't see a reason for getting Ti4200 over a Ti4400 at the moment.

Just my 2 pence.