View Full Version : Crashes on cold boot when overclocked...

05-07-02, 12:48 PM
This didn't happen in my previous Windows installations with the same hardware, so I'm at a loss.

When I cold boot with my my CPU overclocked, I get massive BSODs on both Windows 2000 and Windows XP right after the "Starting Up" screens. They go away so fast I can't see what they are. However, when I return the clock and memory speed to defaults, it boots up fine. It cold boots fine when at defaults as well. I can restart/reboot from Windows when overclocked with no problems, but cold booting brings the errors.

I reformatted and did a clean install of both OSes and got the same thing. I did a second clean install and picked only essential updates, got the same thing.

Gigabyte has a beta BIOS revision (F7) for the board, but I'm not sure if it addresses my specific issue, since Gigabyte's site doesn't really go into detail about it other than it solves a Vcore issue, which doesn't apply to me since I was running at stock voltage.

Any ideas?

- 1.6A @ 2.13 GHz (133 FSB, PCI 33/AGP 66, memory @ 354 MHz)
- Alpha PAL8942 w/Panaflo H1A (33 idle/42-43 max load)
- Gigabyte 8IRXP, BIOS revision F6
- 512 MB OCZ PC3000 Rev2
- Maxtor ATA/133 HDD
- Promise 133TX2 controller
- Leadtek Ti4400 @ stock speed
- SB Audigy
- Lite-On DVD and CD-RW