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05-06-02, 05:25 PM
Which of these speaker systems is better? What would you recommend if i were to mix and match them all, assuming the new system should have the best sound possible (without spending $$$ on new speakers)?

For extra cabling, I have one stereo phone to RCA cable, one stereo phone to stereo phone cable, and one RCA to RCA cable, on top of whatever comes with the subwoofer (they look like RCA i think).

A) 4 speaker quadraphonic system. Two standard JVC stereo speakers (not shielded) behind and two computer speakers (shielded) in front. Currently in use with Pentuim 133 system below.

B) Standard Two-Piece speakers with Subwoofer. Included with Pentium 4 1.8 GHz system i am getting.

So do any sound pros have recommendations?

05-07-02, 07:53 AM
Hard to answer....depends on what your using your system for. If into gaming, like first person shooters, going towards a 4.1 or 5.1 system is incredible, when I first got my Creative FPS2000 4.1 system...man what a difference. But for listening to tunes cranked up, my other system with 3 piece Boston Acoustics is fantastic....as I prefer it for listening to music....since the sound goes out in one direction. 4.1 or 5.1 systems.....really are designed for the listener to sit in the middle of the system, where all the speakers are aimed towards...the so called "sweet spot".

For someone to give you a definite answer...it's hard to do...as we don't know the condition or quality of your 4 speaker system, or what your new system is. Right off the bat...one wants to say "A 4 speaker system is better than a 2 or 3 piece system"...but that depends on the quality of the speakers...as many nice new 3 piece sets will blow away ratty old 4 speaker sets sound quality wise.

05-07-02, 08:42 AM
well for ur computer u want all shield speakers, this protects the monitor and cable modem/router/lines from interferece and teh hard drives from damaged sectors.

for 150 bucks u can get the logitech z560 4.1 sound system, i just got it and it REALLY kicks ass.

4 53 watt satalite speakers and a 188 watt sub that pounds beautifully, i have a thread on them in the hardware forum with pictures and other ppls comments.

the z560s are the best for vaule and performance, overall the top of the line klipsh 5.1, 6.1 or 6.2 or whatever there main thing is would beat this but i cant imagine by that much.

the z560s would be great for gaming, music, and anythign else u want.

sorry if this wasnt what ur looking for.

05-07-02, 02:59 PM
I'll second the Z-560..I bought them a month or so ago and they rock..Im amazed at the amount of bass the lil 8" produces..The only prob I keep having is that the rear speakers suddenly stop working..SB live value that came with computer..

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05-07-02, 06:17 PM
Well, i doubt i can afford to purchase surround speakers for >$100 (the system after all, is about $2000CDN total). The 4 speaker system i have is quite nice. I know the two big JVC ones are unshielded (they made my monitor display "lean" towards them), but they're located about 6 feet behind the computer. They are superb for clarity. The two in front of me are fine. They aren't exceptional, and aren't tinny and sound great. If the two speakers with the sub are better, is it possible at all to use the two new speakers and two JVC speakers as one 4 piece system (with amplifier), and then leave the older speakers with the 133? Would i be able to do the following:

1.8 GHz Computer----[line out]----subwoofer-----[cabling]------Amplifier------Large JVC Wooden Speakers, two standard pc speakers, two more standard pc speakers (via second output from amp)

133 MHz computer----line out to line in of Pentium 4 to share same sound system, or use headphones with SRS 3d virtual surround sound

Both sound cards are not surround capable, but i find that 4 speakers is far better than two. How would six fare?

05-08-02, 09:43 PM
Another thing, will unshielded speakers be unwise to place ON TOP OF an active computer case? My room will have two systems, and the big JVC speaker needs to be placed in the corner, but the only room is on top of the 133 MHz computer. Won't the metal frame of the computer protect it, or should i ditch them?

05-08-02, 10:27 PM
yes keep unshielded speakers as well as subs away from the PC about 20-25" away

05-10-02, 05:14 PM
the JVC speakers are going. I found out that the P4 has surround sound, so i'll be looking into 4.1 or 5.1 speakers. They cost anywhere from $90 CDN ($50-60) and up. Are 4.1 speakers good enough, or 5.1 is worth the extra cash?

05-10-02, 06:08 PM
the logitech 4.1s are good enoughm other than that i say go 5.1