View Full Version : Is this my graphics Card?

05-06-02, 01:36 PM
It has done this a couple times. If it is i be returning it.


05-06-02, 01:41 PM
Yup sure looks bad to me. Could try reseating it first.

05-06-02, 05:18 PM
thats what i would do

Thor Walez
05-06-02, 05:20 PM
-looks like I had oc´ed my b!tch too much ... have you ?!?
-Perhaps heat?!?
-Driver / DX ?!?

-Thor :2cool:

05-06-02, 06:55 PM
take the Geforce 4 TI4400 out and put it back in, make sure its snugged

did you mod your card?

05-06-02, 08:30 PM
Well i reseated the card and still had the same problem. But 3 days ago i dl detonators and riva tuner and took the card up to 290 (reg. 275). I tested it out and played a couple of games and it held up for about 1-2 days. Then just yesterday this stuff happened. I guess the card couldn't handle it? Anyway, i exchanged it for a new one:D It could of possibly have been heat also....my mobo says my proc is running at 60-70. I don't know why my proc. is running at that temp when i got 2 fans on the case and the fan on the proc.

05-06-02, 08:57 PM
IF IT IS you need to solve that prob ASAP