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05-05-02, 10:56 PM
I thought a thread would be cool on some simple and cheapish case mods. If we get some good responses, I will sticky it...

Well, to start off, just about any case can use some casters or wheels on the bottom. They can be bought at just about any hardware store or online. Easy to install, unplug the power, move anything with 2 inches of the floor, near the inside corners of your case, as the drill bit will come through and you don't want to damage your componets, flip case, mark the position of the casters, keeping these close to edge, but so that the wheel will stay under. Double check that nothing is even close to where you will drill!
Probably a 3/16" drill bit, wrap some tape about a half inch from the tip of bit. Put on quite a few layers as this will stop the bit from going all the way in case when you drill through. Drill it, add nuts and screws, ba-ta bom, ba-ta bing, you have wheels!


Another good thing to do is check the fan holes in your case. Many cases have severe vent blockage. I love my Lian-Li, however a good percentage of air is blocked by their external grills. I cut mine totally out so they are just round holes. Philip cut part of his so they ended up with a "+". (see pics in SG Twin Tower thread found here (http://forums.speedguide.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=76806)
I took a hacksaw blade and cut mine, then filed it with a half round, ba$tard cut file, (sometimes refered to as a "mill ba$tard")and sanded it, stepping to a finer grade of sandpaper until it shined like the factory part. Philip used a Dremal to cut his, then filed and sanded.
You can get a hacksaw blade handle from a hardware store or just put a lot of tape on one end of blade, or wrap a rag around blade. Aluminum cuts easily, steel is a bit harder.
You could also buy a cuttin wheel or a sand wheel for a regular drill, from a hardware store for a couple of bucks. Wear leather gloves and safety glasses! Remember, this may case a lot of sparks! So have an adult around and pickup anything that could catch fire from a spark!
This may not help the looks of your case, as in my case! heheheh
but I will add come cool laser cut grills that will not block air flow. But Philips looks cool as is! He probably doesn't need any grills.


Neaten up those cables! They block airflow and look terrible!
Plastic cable ties are about $2 for 100 and they will help a lot!
You can find them just about anywhere. Electric tape is cheap and come in many colors too! ;)

Wrapping the cables is a good thing as well. You can buy split loom, spiral wrap, expandable sleeving, heat shrink, electric tape, conduit, wiring harness, etc...Just do a Google search for any of the names listed! ;)
Use your imagine! You want to get the wires close to a wall when ever possible. Group the fan wires and such, together when ever possible.

Rounded cables have become very cheap to buy and found at many computer stores online.

Well, I have some more, but I need to do some other things. Maybe I will go into some more details with pics when I return and get a chance!

Good Modding!

05-05-02, 11:20 PM
great cooling... and relativly inexpensive :D