View Full Version : New Cd- Rom

05-05-02, 07:21 PM
I just Bought a New Cd- Rom "Asus Cd-s520 52X" I hope I made the right Move anyone Use One ?

I got A good deal at newegg - Everyone else is like $50.00 local shops - $32.00 shipped

Duzmor:D :D

05-06-02, 10:29 PM
I have an ASUS 52x and have not had any problems with it..

05-07-02, 05:26 AM
I think Asus CD-roms are the CRAPPIEST out there.... I've got a 40x and its LOUD, and dying. After like 3 months of use, it couldn't even read perfectly fine CDs properly.... Files it read would always be corrupt, yes I've tried using a CD-Lense cleaner but nothing helps.

99% of all high speed CD-roms are pretty much crap, cept for maybe LiteOns, but Burners are the best at reading, I use my 24x LiteOn burner to read everything now. Since LiteOn burners are so cheap anyways, I think its better to get 1 of them.... 32x LiteOn is like what $60?

05-07-02, 05:32 AM
acer and imperial cd roms are THE WORST