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05-04-02, 05:06 PM
Expandable sleeving is a great way to cover your fan wires, power wires, etc... It looks great under lights, and is very easy to work with...

It is basically braided sleeve that can expand to fit over Molex connectors, with-out having to remove them, and stretches back down to a nice & tight fit over your wires! Very cool stuff! :D
IMHO, it is much better than wire loom, spiral wrap, etc...to cover cables and wires...

It is also very difficult to locate and is expensive to buy retail...
However! I located a manufacturer that wholesales it! :D
I gave a call and explained that I own a drape business and was interested in their products to cover wires for motorized drapes.
They said they would send me a sample kit of colors, sizing and pricing...

The expandable sleeving that you see in these pics covering the wires on my HSF (http://www.speedguide.net/~philip/lianli/index_3.htm) are some "clear" that we bought retail before I located the good stuff!

Up close views:






We had bought some various sizes of clear and black a few weeks ago, paying about $2.00 per foot!!!! :eek:

Well, I ran out of the retail stuff at the same time my sample kit arrrived! This stuff is much better quality!!! And is cheap & available in many cool colors!!!

Black, gray, beige, clear, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, neon green, neon yellow, neon red, neon blue, neon pink, and a yellow that has a green stripe winding around it...

Sizes and properties:
Normal size, expanded and contracted size
1/8" 3/32" to 1/4"
1/4" 1/8" to 7/16"
3/8" 3/16" to 5/8"
1/2" 1/4" to 3/4"
5/8" 3/8" to 1"
3/4" 1/2" to 1 1/4"
It has sizes up to 3", but for us puter peeps, we don't need anything that large...
I use 1/4" for fan wires, etc., that have the small 3 pin connectors,
and I use 1/2" for power supply wires as it goes over the big 4 pin Molex connectors with ease and stretches back down to fit tight around the wires! For puters, these are the best and really only sizes needed... ;)

The clear that you saw in the aforementioned pics, looks AWESOME under UV lights!!! Wait til I post those pics!!!

Any way, I am getting ready to order a few reels.
The reels cost less than $40 and has amounts in proportion to the diameter. The 1/4" comes in 200 foot reels (~$0.20 per foot!), the 1/2" comes in 100 foot reels (~$0.40 per foot!). Of course I don't need that much and will have quite a bit of extra... ;)

I will be ordering:
200' of 1/4" clear
200' of 1/4" black
100' of 1/2" clear
100' of 1/2" black
(I found a cool look is to put the black on first, then cover it with clear! Wait til you see those pics! heheheheheeeheh)

If anyone is interested in getting some of my extra, or if you wanted a roll of a specific color, size, etc., let me know and we can discuss details...


05-04-02, 05:24 PM
very nice sir

where did you get those Heatsinks for your mobo?

05-04-02, 05:44 PM
sounds good Ken, please let me know when you get it.

05-04-02, 05:53 PM
Thanks tHE One! :)

The heat sinks for the MoBo came from here:
Then we cut them down to desired sizes...
Just let me know if you need some more info...

05-04-02, 06:02 PM
Originally posted by the snake
sounds good Ken, please let me know when you get it.
I will do! I will be gone for a week in Miami... :( (The reason I am missing the Marlin Tourney in the Bahamas next week... :( )

BUT! You are going to have to show up for our next TampaBay SG meeting!!! :p hehehehheehhehehe

05-04-02, 06:36 PM
do you have the same mobo as me?

(see sig)

and how many did it take you to fill it up? (mobo with sinks)

05-04-02, 07:27 PM
Originally posted by tHE_0ne
do you have the same mobo as me?

(see sig)

and how many did it take you to fill it up? (mobo with sinks)
I have the ASUS A7V333 which has the newer chipset than yours, but the layout is the same.
We had ordered 7 of the 45x45mm, but we put them on mine and Philips box, and had enough left over to do 1 or 2 more!!

1 of the 45x45mm should be enough for you, just be carefull cutting it... If you look in the pics, you can see that I cut mine by putting a regular drill in my vise, and put actually a sanding wheel in it to cut with... (Sanding wheels are only a couple of $$$)
BE CAREFUL!!! Please! as you could take a hunk out of your finger..
The aluminum cuts very easy, then I stuck it to the wheel to smooth the edge, then knocked the "burr" of with fine (600 grit) sand paper. It probably took an hour to mark and plan them, cut them, sand them, and attach them on both MoBo's...

Why don't you PM me with your address, maybe I can send you some already cut and sanded... ;)

05-16-02, 02:55 PM
Originally posted by the snake
sounds good Ken, please let me know when you get it.


05-18-02, 03:48 PM
I gotcha snakerz! I didn't get around to ordering when I had wanted to! :o

I am ordering a ton of stufferz today though! :D Toys! Gotta have more toys!