View Full Version : grrr to the cable .com and sound card Q?

05-04-02, 11:19 AM
omg talk about so crap azz night... I just put a new powersupply and a Geforce 4 in yesterday gamed all day :D work awesome

wake up last nigh around 8pm :D Boot my pc up and my pc link on my cable modum is out ummm :(

ithink great friday night and my damn network card went out make me start thinken o no whats goin on so i rip it out change pc slots :D freakout blah blah

but still out . so today when the pc store open i went and got a new NIC put her in and no go still out i am like wtf (at this point i am like MOBOs F'ED) but the pcs work ok

so as my last resort i call my cable techs.. he say well yea we turnd your seves off. WHAT?

he's like well i can see u payed it but the shut off order never got stoped payed it 6 days ago :o

well charter (ISP) i thank you for a night of ripen my rig apart and screwn with windows and freaken out :nod:

Now thats some bad damn timing

But ther is a Q to all this now my soundcard SB live
on start up and only when i turn my pc all the way off (not reboot)
i get this crackling when boot make windows music
and some time it stays and some time its just at start up

odd part is if i log of and log back on it fixxes it

any 1 run in to this?

05-04-02, 02:24 PM
Hey sett,
damm that's f***ed of that isp ! If i was you i'd call em and complain my arse off and get a free month or 2 of service just for da headache they gave me! :nod:

Ok about the sound, did u try and change the windows chime?(boot-up and shut-down music)
see if that helps
also check your drivers for your sound card
I had the same problem, i switched da windows chime and updated my drivers, problem gone poof :D
Hope this works 4 ya

05-04-02, 02:29 PM
rule number 1 for cable/dsl internet users, always blame the ISP first :p

i had 60 feet of line replaced before i let them change a network card in my pc, it was the network card that time tho lol

05-05-02, 01:33 AM
yea i know better next time..

and ill give that a try with windows boot chime

and my driver are up to date