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05-03-02, 05:05 PM
OK, these are the assembly and modification pics.
I am just going to link to Philip's storage as he has done a good job of naming them their description...

Additional pics will come later as all mods are not complete yet... ;)


Both boxes are basically identical while these pics were made. Now the boxes have began to take on their own identity...
We are just not ready for these photo's yet! :D

Let's hear your comments, good, bad or indifferent...

05-03-02, 05:21 PM
Looks great from my end ken ! :nod: looking at them take shape is such a heart warming site! I think i'm in love :D

05-03-02, 05:23 PM
They were not/still not finished, but those pics show the components, and such...

Finish pics are still down the road... :D

05-03-02, 05:23 PM
56K'ers beware :eek:

Mightly large pics ya got there :D

he he he, that video card looks familiar, i just got one too sittin beside me right here, very sweet lookin with the black pcb and silver 'sinks

All I can say is that whole system and the love that went into building it is totally [H]ard

I like the heatsinks on the mobo, they are everywhre! i love the color combos and the silver sleeves!

definitely fap fap material

05-03-02, 05:25 PM
Thanks guys!

(hey Brent, check gen forum, I found some sci-fi things that you will like! :) )

Blame Philip for the huge pics!

05-03-02, 05:25 PM
Heh...what a warm and fuzzy feeling.....look at all that, better than the mess around the X-mas tree....hey?

05-03-02, 05:41 PM
looking good Ken :D , where did you get that silver wire sleaveing for the power wires??

05-03-02, 05:48 PM
Hrm, ok, pics are being resized to something smaller with thumbnails...

05-03-02, 05:50 PM
Thanks guys!

I will put a thread in Cool Case forum describing the mods and materials! There are more mods there than meets the eye! ;)

It will be much clearer with a bit of commentary added.
Philip may be resizing the pics now, but they were large for a reason as some of the best things will go un noticed in a smaller shot... :D

05-03-02, 05:51 PM
Originally posted by Philip
Hrm, ok, pics are being resized to something smaller with thumbnails...

Great, easier to add a comentary then! :)

05-03-02, 06:21 PM
It looks like a computer store blew up in your living room.


05-03-02, 08:18 PM
Originally posted by RoundEye
It looks like a computer store blew up in your living room.


Not to mention the Garage....

Hehe, find the mods :p

* The fan grills on the back of the Lian Li have been completely reworked...
* The HDD coolers are made from 3 different ones...
* Custom heatsinks all across the MoBo...
* Matching expandable sleeving over cables...
* casters...

and more to come...


05-03-02, 09:34 PM
:p Hey Philip, you forgot some! ;) :D

05-03-02, 11:33 PM
Hopefully Spiderman will be finished tomorrow. Then you newbies will see what case modding is all about. :rotfl:

05-04-02, 03:28 AM
That is THE L337 SHIZNAH! If I ever had like $10 grand to blow on a computer at this given time and moment, that is what I would it to look like and like have most parts (scsi soooo expensive!) :D

But props to you two!


05-04-02, 07:47 AM
Good stuff there. :cool: Never saw a black power supply before.

05-04-02, 10:18 AM
Sweet pics! Sounds like one bitchin machine.:cool:

05-04-02, 05:55 PM
Terrance, I probably have only ~$4000 or so in it now, but... I need to order the Sony Monitor, ~$700, and a few more misc stufferz, so it should come in just under my original budget of $5k... ;) Yes, The big Alphas ROCK!! I am thinking about storing the ice cream in my box as it iis nice and coooooolll!! :D

YOSC, yes, it is a nice warm feeling... It has been fun building it, kinda like Christmas!

Snakez, you have seen the thread here that I made on the expand. sleeving (http://forums.speedguide.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=76885) I will let you know when I get the reels of it in...
If anyone is curious, or wants some, check the thread out... ;)

Oeye, I poot in your general direction! :D hehehehehehehe
Let's see the Spiderman box finished! Pics, bro, pics!!
Did you find ALL of the hidden mods in those pics? I bet that yuou didn't!! :p The next round of pics will show some of the good stufferz!!

CableDude, it is really dark blue... It is an Enermax 550 watt, 650 watt peak... ;) It is awesome! Dims the lights in the neighborhood when I boot up! hehehhehheeheheeheheh

Thanks Mike!! :)

Win XP Pro is running nicely on it...

05-04-02, 05:59 PM

somehow I KNOW you're going to be running G@H on it... :D

anyhow, whether you do or not....
it's def. a kick a$$ comp :D :p

05-04-02, 06:08 PM
Thanks BaLa!
Yes, the plans are to finish a couple more details tonight and then install Genome to break it in good! I will leave it Genoming for a week while I am away, then I will probably install Fold2 on it and use the old box to Genome, as I am giving it to Rosa...

But, remember, I will be buying another case in a week or so to mod to the hilt, then switch this SCSI box to the new modded case, then mod this case to the hilt, THEN... yeah baby!!! Dually AMD XP's running SCSI RAID will go into this case... ;) hehehheheeheheh Maybe run Folding2 on 1 processor and Genome on the other... :D