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04-26-02, 08:12 PM
Which airflow path gives the best cooling for the processor on a standard case? (no mods-yet :D)


Getting ready to put together a new system and would like to optimize the cooling on the processor using the available fans (1 in front, 1 in back, for now...will eventually put one or two on the side and maybe one on top)...

04-26-02, 08:37 PM
Personally, I'd say A. My system is set up like that, as are most others. The front of the case (as well as the sides in my case) provide the intake, while the rear fans exhaust the air. I'm assuming this is the most efficient method for air cooling the case.

04-26-02, 08:50 PM

04-26-02, 09:47 PM
Is this a test?


In from the bottom front, out through the top rear.

04-26-02, 09:53 PM
Nah, it's not a test...it's just that the last computer I set up with some extra fans didn't seem to do much good...I'm thinking it's probably the way I've got the airflow set up...

04-26-02, 10:53 PM
Hey Indy,
It seems the smoothest, non contradicting path is the best.
IOW, Keep the air flow in the same direction...Try not to have fans' output's opposing each other...Front to back, bottom to top, seem to be most effective....

In a stagnant environment, hot air rises, however, with the constant mixing of air that fans do, the separation of hot and cold air doesn't really have time to take place inside a computer, and wouldn't seem to have the relevance that stagnant air pockets would...

The secondary, specific type fans can cause turbulance and opposing forces, therefore causing inefficiency in overall cooling...
This should be given consideration when pondering the direction of air flow on your HSF, etc...

A monitor device, such as Digital Doc 5, which can monitor 8 temps(and control 8 fans), will help you a lot in experimenting to find the best set up for your individual case...