View Full Version : I've actually done a case mod!

04-16-02, 11:45 PM
Yep....i'm impressed with how it worked out.

Just a simple one for now, I finally put some blowholes in my case!

I've had a package of five 92mm fans laying around forever, and put them to good use.

No pictures for you, :( at least not yet...

My case came stock with 2 openings for 92mm fans. One in front, one in back. I've had the one in front pulling in air, and the one in back blowing air out for the past year since I built the computer.

So then me and my grandpa helped me out with the cutting and everything, I put another fan on the side panel of my computer case, right below the power supply, almost directly above the CPU heatsink and fan, blowing air onto the inside of the computer, and another fan on the top panel, right in the middle, in between the power supply and the CD rom drive, exhausting the air.

Temps are actually higher lol, since it's been 85 degrees here the past 3 days, CPU is at 31 degrees, Case temp is at 44 degrees :eek:

Should help a bit, espcially since summer is coming.

Home Depot had a Black & Decker RTX rotary tool there for only $29.99, with a carry case and accessory kit, so I picked that up, it's pretty handy in finishing up the holes, sanding and so forth. I was never much for working with power tools and such, so making these blowholes is a big deal for me, lol.:D

Cant' wait to see what else I can do now! any suggesstions? simple stuff I could do with the rotary RTX? :)

04-17-02, 07:32 AM
It all starts out innocently enough, a hole here, a hole there, pretty soon your spending more time cutting then playing games.

Welcome to the case-mod addiction. There's no know cure for it yet. :2cool:

04-19-02, 12:20 AM
Same here...added 4 new thumb screws.....no need for the old screwdriver anymore

04-19-02, 11:19 AM
You actually put the covers back on?