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04-10-02, 02:11 PM
What Kind Of Paint should I use on my 3dcool.com Tornado 1000 Case. I want to paint it black, but I don't know what kind to use. Spray paint?

Also, where can I find a black keyboard and, Optical(infraed) mouse, it doesn't have to be wireless.


04-10-02, 04:01 PM
For the keyboard just rip it apart and paint the thing :)While your at it you can also give the keyboard and the keys a nice cleaning

04-10-02, 04:24 PM
Maximum PC (http://www.maximumpc.com/reprints/reprint_2002-02-21.html) has a good guide for painting. I used Krylon primer, spray paint and clear coat when I painted my case. It's all in the preparation, the smoother you get the case from the start, the better the paint will lay on.

04-14-02, 05:53 PM
Me and my friends used primer then used Krylon paint

04-20-02, 07:15 PM
after u gently sand down the factory coat, 2 coats of primer works best, but word of caution, make sure paint is really dry before u apply clear coat, i used a bright chrome metallic, which i thought was dry(dry to the touch anyway,lol) however when applying the clear coat, i saw some breaking up in a few spots of the consistency of the metal particles, in others words- i blew a few days painting in 1 shot lol, but it was winter, wished i had waited till summer, with black shouldnt be a problem, next one i do i am going to use a mystic or candied paint which takes several layers of applications. Now that i am finished i am going to put up a few pics soon, its not as good as most, but my 1st.