View Full Version : Need cheap Socket A MB & stuff

03-19-02, 07:44 PM
I'm trying to build a cheapo 3rd PC for the basement. I need a MB, RAM (PC100 or 133) cheap Video card, sound card.
I would really like a combo MB with sound or even video. It's only for net cruising on my LAN.


03-19-02, 07:53 PM
I have a celeorn 500 with mobo+case that has onboard vid/snd. 100$

03-20-02, 11:23 AM
sorry, I should have been more detailed. I already have a Duron 750 and want to use it.

03-21-02, 11:09 PM
120 + SH bucks if you'll buy it. pay pall..

Abit KT7E, 256MB PNY PC133, a 4 MB Virge/VX from S3, a 3DFX Voodoo2. Email me if interested. Sorry no spare sound card.


04-01-02, 11:26 PM
video card !!

I have a geforce PNY 64mb pci slot video card original box etc , only used for a month till i built new comp., i paid 89$ for it, let it go for 60$ if u want it, can send a pic etc, if u like. i pay shipping..:cool: