View Full Version : Lots of misc stuff for sale

03-09-02, 12:37 PM
Just pay shipping and packaging if necessary. PayPal accepted but must include their fee. Otherwise destined for the garbage on 3/16.

2 Boca IOAT66 ISA cards in original box
1 Compaq SCSI EISA controller PN 142040-001
1 Adaptec 2742AT (EISA)
1 SB16 w/SCSI controller
1 Black Box Micro 10BaseFL transceiver (AUI -> Fiber)
1 Milan MIL 140 10BaseFL to 10BaseT (no pwr adapter)
1 DPT RAID controller PM2022 (EISA)
1 DPT RAID controller CM4000 (EISA)
1 Mylex RAID controller DAC960E (EISA) - original box, instructions & software.
3 Pioneer DRM602x CD changers Each holds 6 CDs. Includes SCSI cables to interlink & extra magazine.

Also have...

1 APC 1400rm2U - $425 plus shipping. Refurbished with new batteries and not used since.

1 128mb PC133 SDRAM ECC pulled from Compaq DL380 make reasonable offer.

03-10-02, 12:55 AM
10$$ for ram, lol, that is all i got, willing to trade??