View Full Version : FS: Quantum Fireball Plus 60 GB

03-02-02, 02:48 AM
Quantum Fireball Plus AS 60 GB ATA/100 7200 RPM 2 MB Cache.

The disk has been wiped and needs to be formatted/partitioned. I'll put a FAT32EBD in as well if requested. It'll come with an ATA cable from a Promise ATA/100 controller card and will be shipped in the acoustic foam and box from another hard drive.

It performed very well for me, but alas I needed a bigger disk for storage. The only listing I saw on PriceWatch was for $117 and I paid $200 or so for it.

I will ship it UPS Second Day Air, so I'll ask a pittance of $5.00 extra to offset a bit of the shipping.

$60.00 + $5.00 shipping = $65.00

Money order preferred and will ship immediately upon receipt.

If interested, reply here or e-mail me at burkeNOSPAM@burkehamblin.com. Thanks!

03-02-02, 11:18 AM
I'll talk to my parents about it, and get back to you. I'm very interested!

03-08-02, 08:53 AM
Have you sold it yet? If not, I am interested.


03-08-02, 11:00 AM
Hey Roadbuster, you have an e-mail.