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02-27-02, 03:25 AM
alright, I remembered quite a while back I heard someone complain about the MS Intellimouse Optical USB/PS2's Glow mostly the back

so today I will show you the little mod I did to my Intelli Optical...

here's our vicitm

that's where the only 2 screws are located...


there's our light/glow prob.


just tape it up like this
(sorry for the quality of this pic)...I guess I was not holding the camera steady, I didn't notice until after I put the mouse back together, too lazy to take it back apart now...


electrical tape will probabply(sp) work best since it's black it should technically absorb the light better...

All Done


not too much to say about this;

the little sentence I added to each picture should explain any questions (doubt there'll be any though)

I actually did this mod (if it qualifies as one) quite a while back..
always wanted to share, though I never got around to it...

02-27-02, 05:31 PM
ummm....I guess you guys dont like the light?

I dont know but I like my light...its different (well, when I got it when it just came out it was...now everyone has then) anyway...I enjoy the red glow...lol but yeah it can be blinding...hehe

03-12-02, 03:38 PM
whats wrong with the light?

03-13-02, 02:12 PM
Originally posted by michaelanthony
whats wrong with the light?

vampires dont like light!

03-28-02, 07:06 AM
i wanna mod my logitech to make it blue

03-29-02, 06:26 AM
Originally posted by YARDofSTUF
i wanna mod my logitech to make it blue
do it, it shouldn't be too hard if you get the right bulb...
I've seen some instructions on things like that before don't remember what color the light was and if it was a MS Mouse or a Logi should be the same..

03-30-02, 11:55 PM
blue? err sounds interesting but aren't laser lights red? lolz