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02-22-02, 04:09 PM
should the heat sink fan blow cool air on the heat sink or pull hot off.

Also would it be best to a blow hole fan cut in the side of the case inline with the cpu suck cool air in or exhaust hot air out?

I currently have a fan down low in the front pulling cool air in. A fan mid way up in the back exhausting hot air out and a drive bay cooler mounted in the top drive bay which houses two fan to exhaust the hot air out of the top of the case.

I would like to make a blow hole in line with the cpu and need to know which way to mount it?

Cool air in or hot air out?



02-22-02, 04:47 PM
I've had the fan on my heatsink blow air away and onto the heatsink and in my opinion there is no difference.

Try both ways for the blow hole. I would suggest having air blown out of the case but if your HSF blows down on the CPU and the blow hole fan blows out and they're in front of one another, you might get some resistance... but not much...it all depends on the fans speed.

If you do decide to cut a hole facing the CPU I'd suggest having the fans blowing in the same direction for obvious reasons.

You can always flip the fans. See what drops temps more. See what's best for you.

02-22-02, 06:00 PM
well after messing around a little it seems that if I have the blow hole fan pulling cool air in the cpu temps are about 4 degrees cooler at an idle that with out the blowhole fan. With the blowhole fan pulling hot air out of the case the cpu temps are a degree hotter than without the blowhole.

I'll leave the blowhole fan pulling cool air in and see what happens when I put the cpu under full load.

02-22-02, 07:51 PM
is your heatsink fan blowing towards or away from your cpu?