View Full Version : Black cdroms etc..

02-16-02, 06:04 PM
mine are normal, and i just got a black case.. can i paint the bezels w/ spray paint??? then some kind of clear coat.. and can i just mask the puter off (as i just put it together and too lazy to take it apart...) or do i REALLY need to take it apart...?


02-16-02, 06:57 PM
u should take it apart but u dont have to.

u can use some rustoleum paint,it works good and the clear coat is optional,u should get a decent shine from just the paint

02-19-02, 01:23 AM
I suppose if you didn't want to do it yourself, you could send the bezels to Directron to be painted...I had my DVD, CD-RW and Audigy drive bezels painted by them and they match the anodized parts of my Lian-Li PC-12 case perfectly; the front bezel is plastic and looks more dark gray than it does black due to the camera flash, but it's still nice looking in my opinion. Then again...I'm only a half-assed modder.