View Full Version : How to bypass IIS server logon popup?

01-29-02, 01:01 AM
my website running IIS 5.0 from windows 2000 adv server. the home directory accessable anonymously. but i setup a directory in that home directory and set non-anonymous and can only access by a certain user that I specified. The problem is i have designed a logon template in html/flash format and if the client entered the right user/pass that page will redirect to a page inside that non-anonymous directory. I want if the user get pass my logon screen, i don't need the IIS to popup another logon screen. like in ftp, if i use ftp://user:pass@url.com it will bypass the IIS pop-up login and go straight in. what do i use in html code or link code?
it tried http://user:pass@url.com but still get the log-on pop up windows from IIS.


02-01-02, 11:40 AM
sounds like one or the other, either the flash password or the windows directory password. Set the directory to anonimous. The flash is your control point, or do away with the flash and have logon for the directory.
When you do the password in the flash it is not going to get past the directory password. The only other way may be with JAVA script on the password HTML page that then writes that info to windows, but not sure if that scenario is possible

02-02-02, 10:57 PM
thanks. i got it figured out. i use the redirect domain instead of the actual ip address. thanks anyway.