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el bob
01-28-02, 08:29 PM
Some images got blurry during compression

front 80mm intake

rear 92mm

4 IDE cables + USB Header cables + DLED Bracket + blah blah blah


el bob
01-28-02, 08:30 PM
front80mm, modded dell circuit board for hdd led, pwr button, reset button, pwr led (notice ribbon cable to shrink wrap to individual wires. ide cables zip ties in front of fan to allow for airflow

closeup of modded circuit board and fanbus

routed +zip tied psu cable, Thermaltake 6Cu, and rear 92mm

antec 400watt atx psu

rear view of front bezel

my workstation


01-28-02, 08:40 PM
sweet !

what kind of temps you get with that setup ?

specs. ?

el bob
01-28-02, 08:48 PM
Athlon XP 1600+ @ 1700+ (140*10.5)
Thermaltake 6Cu (Copper base and 4550RPM Fan)
MSI K7T266 Pro2
2x 256MB DDR Crucial @ CAS2
Apollo Gf2 GTS 64MB DDR
400W Antec PSU
13GB ATA/66 7200RPM WD HDD
30GB ATA/66 7200RPM WD HDD
6x Toshiba DVD-ROM
4x Sony CRX100E CD-RW
1.44MB 3.5" FDD
Linksys NC100 v2 10/100 NIC
Onboard Sound
SIIG ATA/66 PCI IDE Controller
1x 80mm Intake
1x 92mm Exhuast

40deg C @ Full Load (Prime 95)
33deg C @ Idle

01-29-02, 12:44 PM
those are some fantastic mods, looks like my mod...


el bob
01-29-02, 04:07 PM
Originally posted by Qwijib0
those are some fantastic mods, looks like my mod...


pics are working for everyone else

try refreshing

el bob
01-29-02, 04:21 PM
sorry Qwijib0 you were right

homestead couldn't take teh bandwidth hit i got from another forum i posted these on :D

i switched the pics over to another server (thanks YoS) and they should work now

01-29-02, 04:42 PM
looks good:)

what no cooling for the northbridge:D

el bob
01-29-02, 05:57 PM
Originally posted by John
Hey Bob, I have the same bed as you! What do you think of it? Can you take more pictures of the top so I can see how much room you have? How high are your ceilings?

I love it

I replaced the stock desk with a big slab of butcher block and added extra side support beams for the heavier piece of wood.

The bed is capable of a larger mattress than I'm using but I like using the smaller bed and then leaving space for books and things of the sort up next to my bed.

I think my ceilings are 9' but we cut down the bed a little bit

My sister had used it in a NYC loft that had 15' ceilings so there was never a problem before.