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01-27-02, 06:08 PM
What kind of fan would be best to replace this one with ?? some type of orb but what kind and how hard are they to replace ??


01-27-02, 06:22 PM
the orb is a good thing but what you mean by replace. if it breaks? or to remove from the mobo. if you want to put a orb on you might need to take the whole mobo out because the pins that hold the old heat sink onto the mobo need to get pushed from the back of the mobo to be removed.

01-27-02, 08:22 PM
Go here (http://thermaltake.com/ChipsetMenu.htm)

They've got some good chipset coolers. I heard that you can even replace it with a big heatsink. apparently teh northbridge doesnt get too hot.
Mine is noisy as hell. Is that why you're replacing it?

01-27-02, 11:33 PM
I just want one that looks "pretty", I'm also getting silver rounded cables for the all my drives.

01-27-02, 11:53 PM
well there only once choice if you want it to look pretty with your silver cables hehe, the ThermalTake Crystal Orb. It's like $19?, its good for what it is. :)

01-28-02, 04:59 PM
crystal orb is the shiznit

01-28-02, 05:10 PM
the crystal orb would look cool through ur window

01-28-02, 05:33 PM
crystal orb is what I will get, thanks guys.