View Full Version : I need some input..

01-15-02, 04:45 PM
I'm a noob when it comes to programing, the only thing I have done is QBASIC. What I want to do is make games/level maps, someone suggested visual c++ or vb. Have any ideas for me?

01-16-02, 05:00 PM
VB will probably be an easier transition for you to make than C++ will be. However, C++ is probably the better choice as far as programming for gaming is concerned.

01-16-02, 05:52 PM
I hear people say that VB is useless, and you can't do much with it..is that true? I wanna try VB but I don't wanna learn a bunch of it and find out it's outdated and noone uses it anymore..

01-17-02, 05:56 PM
I wouldn't say it's useless. VB is great for rapid application development (RAD). You can throw together a pretty decent GUI application in no time at all using it. So, it is useful.

There are two drawbacks to VB. First, applications that are built using VB need to run through the VB runtime environment (a set of .dlls). Because of that, VB executes more slowly than the same application written using C++. Second, VB is a Microsoft language. So, it's not portable to other OSs--it only runs on Windows. C++, in general, is supported on most OSs. So, if the application is ANSI/ISO compliant C++ then it should be able to run on any platform (provided it is compiled for that platform).

01-18-02, 02:37 PM
Learn PHP/ thats a great programming language for the web.
I recommend to learn c++ or c first of all.