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01-13-02, 10:40 PM
MG.painted my case today....so cool.:2cool:

MG says more mods to come..:D

Revised and added
The Monitor


01-13-02, 10:41 PM
He painted the whole thing in one day?!? WoW! ;) hehehe, looks nice

01-13-02, 10:46 PM
The pics dont do it justice, red is the friggin worst color to try and photograph with a digital camera.
The digital camera made it look terribly blotchy so I had to use the Web cam with ambient light, so the red looks a little washed out. And no I didnt do it in a day, a couple of hours:)

Once it has a few days to harden, hummmm. Still thinkin, might break out the air brush:)

01-13-02, 11:18 PM
You air-brushed it? what is the ebst kind of paint to use to air-brush on aluminum?

01-14-02, 12:08 AM
Well for cars, bikes ect. I love PolyUrethane, it is so durable. Would also be great for a comp case. This case I just sprayed enamel with spray bombs. Wet sanded the case and then sprayed. Might Do some air brushing on it later.
The black is satin automotive trim paint, which I think is an epoxy blend, also very durable.

01-15-02, 07:10 AM
Hey splash:)

Very nice.

Nice job MG, I may need some tips one day to paint ours.


01-16-02, 10:52 AM
Upgraded to a 900mhz and monitor painted to match :cool:

MG's still thinkin....:D

01-16-02, 03:56 PM
looks like MG didnt paint the open parts on the monitor

01-16-02, 06:29 PM
Originally posted by John

I think he painted the bottom of it black, no?

look at the last pic, the side, see the original color?

01-16-02, 07:08 PM
Originally posted by John

Yea, it looks like the inside of all the holes are original and the outer layer is black. Paintbrush?

i'm thinking he didnt paint that at all.

01-17-02, 12:44 AM
it was a white monitor., the black is satin black automotive trim paint, I tore the monitor apart, painted the black first with spray, when it dries I masked off the grid areas and painted red, For the front of the monitor I masked off the screen and the buttons and light then sprayed it red, then used a model paint brush to paint the buttons. 1 and a half hours, start to back on the desk.
And yes the inside onf the grid holes are painted also, its just sheen from the flash making it look like there still white inside the vents.

Keyboard is next i think.
Splash loves her red computer

01-17-02, 06:31 AM
how about matching mouse, mouse pad printer.