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01-06-02, 07:25 AM
I went to a computer fair yesterday and picked up a :-

IBM Thinkpad

BIOS date 03/09/97

Pentium 150Mhz MMx
64Mb Ram
Onboard sound
External Floppy Drive
2 PCMIA Slots.

Not bad for $130??

I bought it mainly so I could go on the net and not have to sit in front of this big ass PC. Apart from the problem of having to install windows 95 on it from floppy.The PCMIA NIC card i bought won't fit all the way into the slot (i.e. stops half way) it's a 68 pin card and there are 68 pins inside the PCMIA slot??

Has there been two different size's of PCMIA cards in the last few years or should I file away some of the plastic to make it fit??


01-06-02, 07:50 AM
It would help if you could post the exact model of your laptop, as well as the make/model of the card you're trying to use.

FYI, here's the std. specs. for pcmcia cards.


Volume 3, Card Physical
This section defines physical outline dimensions, basic mechanical capabilities and environmental conditions under which PC Cards are expected to operate. Information is provided for Type I, II, and III PC Cards, for 5 volt and low voltage equivalents, and for the 32-bit CardBus interface.
| PC Card Physical Characteristics |
| Physical Interface | 68 Pins |
| Back End I/O Conn. | Proprietary* |
| Length | 85.6 mm |
| Width | 54.0 mm |
| Thickness | Type I = 3.3 mm |
| | Type II = 5.0 mm |
| | Type III = 10.5 mm |
| Operating Temp. | 0 to 55 C |
| Storage Temp. | -20 to 65 C |
| Minimum Insertions | Office Env. 10,000 |
| | Harsh Env. 5,000 |

* Two standardized connectors are available as part of the optional PCMCIA Specific Extensions Specifications.

01-06-02, 01:17 PM
It's a IBM Thinkpad type 2640 laptop. (thats all i know it had no box or manuals)

The PCMIA card is a :

Unex NexNic MD010C 10/100 32- bit Card Bus PC Card RJ45.

click here for full specification of PC Card (http://www.unex.com.tw/Product/NIC/MD010C/tech-md010c.html)

Hope this helps.


01-06-02, 03:16 PM
First of all, I'm concerned that it physically does not fit. I would not consider filing or altering it to make it fit. Hard to tell but this may only support type 1 cards.

My suggestion?? Ditch the 32bit card and go be a cheap 16-bit card from your local retailer. They're real cheap now, and it will readily solve all your issues.

This is a 32bit TypeII CardBus pcmcia card. There are lots of caveats running cardbus cards w/your old Thinkpad, and Windows 95. First consideration- is it running 95B? If not- forget it.

Secondly, there is a lot of info. on IBM's site devoted to these types of cards with this old laptop. ( btw- it is a model 560X, type 2640). Go to IBM, support, Thinkpad, 560X, type 2640.

When there, do a search for " pcmcia card ", and you'll find all kinds of hints.