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01-06-02, 01:05 AM
Just thought I'd drop a message on this because it is such a good deal.

Dell sells their offlease equipment and the prices have been fantastic.

I was able to pick up a 19' Dell Trinitron for $199.00 plus taxes and shipping (total was $261)

They have 21" Trinitrons for $299

I will warn you now that there have been some problems with some of the monitors people have received.


a) The monitors are under a six month warranty
b) They will eat the shipping to send problem monitors back and have even been known to give a BETTER monitor as replacement.

The link for the Dell offlease is www.dfsdirect.ca

and while I may get slapped for posting another forum link, this is a thread that deals with people who have ordered monitors.


I am EXTREMELY pleased with my 19' Trinitron, and this is just too good not to share.

The monitors go VERY fast, but keep checking the webpage as they offer more for sale.

Enjoy :)

01-06-02, 01:08 AM
Nice...21"er for 299? Thats a steal for sure. Thanks omb1.

01-06-02, 03:00 AM
All the good stuff is sold out, and those aren't perfect flat FD Trinitrons anywayz...

01-06-02, 12:51 PM
In a couple of cases when people received 21' monitors that had problems they replaced them with FD's :)

And it's a good idea to keep checking back. They regularly update the pages with new stock.

01-07-02, 07:30 AM
sweet can get a p2 400 laptop for 350 bucks....sweet!