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01-05-02, 05:22 PM
Yes I need some help with online shopping.... but I live in freaking Canada.
What kind of prices on shipping should I be expecting. I figure everyone here talks about shopping online and I feel I'm missing out on good deals.
If I'm gonna end up saying lots of money I'll b every happy :)
But if I save a buck or two I won't bother.

I've noticed Immortal does alot of online shopping so how bout you help me out man.
I live in Toronto btw and there are a fair ammount of deals here but I find I have no time to shop...even though I could be using this time here typing to shop instead.... :( ....anyway.... any suggestions?
I'm mainley looking for a full size aluminum case.
Peace all.

01-05-02, 06:27 PM
bump :(

01-05-02, 08:09 PM
the tarrif and shipping cost and currency will pretty much all destroy the "good deal" that you so much desire.

So far the best deal I can think of for you is the Antec 1030sx case, they are selling it for $155CAD w/o tax at CCE and at Filtech downtown, probably the best case for you, I don't suggest a full tower, as they are HUGE and eat up a serious amount of space. But its all up to you.

01-05-02, 10:33 PM
The main purpose for me to purchase things online is because I can't find that piece anywhere else... You don't save all that much, but sometimes you can, duh! heheh, if you buy it off a Canadian site then it's even better, but I've noticed that people from Toronto have to pay a little more tax on certain items. I just bought 50$ worth of stuff without tax and shipping was only 8$.... ;) I thought that was a bargain since it seems so cheap. Anyways, the amount I must pay for transportation to go shopping is roughly the same as shipping cost ;)

01-06-02, 12:52 AM

Canadian and his prices are competitive.


Forgot to add that I've used him and was very happy with the product/service I received.

01-06-02, 05:59 AM
It costs me about 50 dollars to ship from the US. :mad:

01-06-02, 06:09 AM
Originally posted by wip3out
It costs me about 50 dollars to ship from the US. :mad:
sux but you= accross the BIG LAKE..

01-06-02, 06:29 AM
*Slips on tight speedos*

Cya soon America...:D

01-06-02, 09:03 AM
Originally posted by omb1

Canadian and his prices are competitive

Straight to their price list -


01-06-02, 11:13 AM
I like these:


They're all Canadian.... ;)

01-06-02, 11:49 AM
Thanks for the advice guys. I just don't see why I have to be stuck with buying what a store has. Terrance I was looking at Lian Li and all there is downtown is the simple mid sized brushed aluminum case for like $300.00. I wouldn't mind a black or gold case. Just damn hard to find.