View Full Version : Package deal, P5A, K6-2 350/550Mhz

01-04-02, 02:14 PM
I have the box, manual and software for the Asus P5A. Both the Asus P5A and 550Mhz were used for about 8 months and are in great condition. The 350Mhz is about 3 years old, out of old Compaq. Make offer or send me a PM/email.

Also have a stick of PC-133/256Mb to sweetin the deal!

Package deal, one buyer takes all!

01-05-02, 06:22 PM
D'oh!!! i just bought a 550mhz K6-2 like yesterday!!! :(

the Asus P5A is a motherboard? do you have specs?

01-05-02, 08:24 PM
Here you go!

P5A Manual (http://www.equuscs.com/Support/Manuals/Motherboards/Asus/p5a/p5a.pdf)

Note: The jumper settings printed on the board have the settings up to 550Mhz.