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01-04-02, 08:08 AM
1- Who out there has either an Asus or Abit mobo with the onboard Promise ATA100 controller?

2- Which mobo?

3- Which version of the Promise controller?

4- Do you use it?

5- When it acts up, what do you do to correct it?

01-04-02, 08:15 AM
Yes to your question partially....I use the Promise FastTrak 100 PCI card...not onboard. Same chipset as far as I know. It was in my Asus Black Pearl before, now in my MSI in below sig. XP was stubborn to install on it though...when you manually specify the addition SCSI driver...the only thing XP would take to install was my original driver disk that came with the box...over 2 years old....not the latest driver...."huh".

I've loved it since I started using it last spring. Flies.

Hasn't acted up at all on me, and since I run RAID 0 striping, if it acts up, I'm prepared to accept the total loss of my setup and start from scratch. RAID 0 striping being for performance...no safety whatsoever. RAID 1 mirroring is for reliability, redundancy, but no performance boost...it's usually a wee bit slower than single drive, or about equal.

01-04-02, 09:57 AM
I'm using the Asus A7V266-E RAID...

It's the Promise Lite controller onboard.

I've never had a problem with it messing up.