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Thor Walez
01-03-02, 05:19 PM
I wonder the prices for P3 ... and SDRAM
Could be a good deal to setup the following:
(a Gamer´s System)

-Abit VP6 (RAID) €180
-2* 1Ghz P3 -Boxed each €220
-512MB or 1GB SDRAM in one piece €50 / €119
-GF² TI or GF³ TI200 €130 / €230
-2* Maxtor 60GB ATA133 7.2krpm each €160
- ...

for relative cheap money €1120 - €1289 (- 10% if you select the cheapest in different stores - I only looked at one to post faster) for a great system???


PS: I know that only rare games support SMP ... B U T it would be great, or!!!!!!!!! (?)

01-03-02, 06:09 PM
I wondered the same, and posted so about a month ago. Reason came about, I was about to purchase the hardware that I have in my sig back then.....and at the same time, got back a LAN server I had built mid last summer for a huge New England fragfest LAN party I was helping setup. Since we were having vast amounts of people, from Canada, to Georgia, and all in between, I built a pretty potent server with load balanced fiber NIC's to three Cisco Catalyst switches spread throughout the room.

Well, about two months ago, the server made it's way back to me. It has, like your post, the budget Abit VP-6, with a pair of PIII 750's. The purpose of this server getting back to me was to rebuild to replace ZombieBattalions current aging public gaming server that zombiebattalion.com runs on. But in my head....I was in a hurry to get a new gaming rig, and the nForce motherboards were slow in arriving...I tossed around the idea of duallie PIII's....how good would it game.

Well, most peeps here said "Not really that well", and from what poking around for benchmarks I did, they backed it up. While I know you need an NT based OS to utilize multi procs....it's best to have the game also support them. Q3 for one. But, Q3 has buggy multi proc support, and often crashes. What else is there? The UT engine is popular, but only supports single as far as I know. It still runs a tiny bit better than single proc, reason being is the the OS is running leaner since it splits up it's services...but, take a peek at this link, and see for yourself how games really don't run better...Q3 speaks for itself, and 3DMark2001 speaks for the DX games...the first 4-5 pages are yawner benchmarks.


I just finished rebuilding that duallie box last night with NT 4 Server and IIS all installed and patched up....taking a trip up to the ISP next weekend to put her in place!

01-03-02, 06:49 PM
ive got the vp6 with dual 1 gig...... its fantastic for multitasking, but the RAID has crashed twice on me, cant figure out if its the drives or the RAID that actually crashed, other than that, this board has been great... main thing i do is DIVX conversion and genoming, i set the genoming to run only using the second processor, so genoming is pretty much got a gighz to work with......