View Full Version : I need help finding the latest bios for this raid PCI controller, CSA-649U

01-03-02, 03:25 PM
its a CSA-649U Ultra IDE ATA 100 controller ,CMD company, right now its using 2.1.00 beta BIOS...i need it because it keeps on prompting me about entering the raid setup everytime after the post test....Please any help is appreciated

It didn't come with documentation or a manual

01-03-02, 03:43 PM
Try their website, contacting/e-mailing support, as all I see are driver downloads, not any BIOS downloads.

One website had a hit and someone replied that they are actually Promise RAID controllers, resold..but I'd be wary about that.


01-04-02, 02:54 PM
thanks, i emailed technical support