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01-03-02, 12:20 AM
hey heres a list of mobos that amd athlon xp 1600+ supports.

http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_756_3734^4348^4351,00.html just click on Athlon XP 1600+ (266 MHz FSB) with the atx form

just tell me witch mobo looks good i think the asus a7v266-e is a good one i hear good reviews about the mobo i know this is like the 3rd or 4th time that i posted this topic but i just want a new pc. well thank you. if your just droping buy still post what you think of a good socket a mobo that supports the athlon xp 1600+. and i could get it for a cheap price for only $119(the cpu). and one more thing if you want show me a place that sells the motherboard the cheapest. i might get the mobo at a computer show that rolls buy ever other month. http://www.marketproshows.com/visitor/search.asp

01-03-02, 01:21 AM
I replied in teh gen forum

MSI K7T266 Pro2

is supposed to be pretty good

01-03-02, 01:52 AM
Although a great deal of people are going against the Abit KR7A, because of the high DOA rate some people have gotten, I'd have to still say this is one of my top choices for a new board, as it's one of the few boards I'd like to have right now in my box. The performance is nice and the new tech on it seems to be worth the switch over as it will become standard soon.

01-03-02, 05:34 AM
Heres the run down:
Abit KR7A-Raid: Best for overclocking, and ATA133 everything + top performance and lots of support from other ppl(IE modded BIOS with HPT 2.3 BIOS)

Asus A7V266-E: Only 2 phase power supply which means HOTTTTTT MOFSETS, which means lower overclockability, crappy northbridge cooler, ATA100 (even tho it doesn't really matter). Top performance benches, bout the same price as the Abit. I don't see why you'd want the Asus over the Abit since the prices are bout the same and Abit is more overclockable etc.

MSI K7TPro2-RU: Sux at overclocking, bad memory benches, only 2 phase power supply again, and doesn't even have active northbidge cooling.. ONLY good thing bout it is it has USB2 and Raid onboard for about $40 less than the Abit/Asus boards, i wouldn't recommend this board @ all unless money is a big issue and you HAVE to have the Raid and USB2.

EPox 8KHA+: Good performance, 3 phase power supply like Abit's, good overclocking, pretty cheap price, but no RAID (if you buy a seperate RAID controller, it'll bring the price upto the Abit/Asus level). EpoX is releasing another version of the board with onboard RAID soon, called the 8KHA++ or something (how lame) Clock for clock tho, the Abit still edges this board out in memory benches.... see here: http://www.ocworkbench.com/hardware/epox/8kha+/8kha+p4.htm Basically, get this board if you want the KR7A, but without the RAID. The normal KR7A without RAID is a rip...

IWill XP333: Crappy ALi chipset, don't even think about it....

MSI/Asus nForce420: Beats the KT266A in mem benches, but will cost you more if you don't plan on using the onboard video card, which I doubt most ppl will.... Overclockabillity is unknown cuz not many ppl have it, but I think you should be able 2 reach about 300Mhz FSB stable.

BTW I have a KR7A-Raid and i love it so far, haven't really overclocked it yet cuz the KingMax DDR300 ram my dad got turned out to be PURE ***** so i'm tryin to find some good Crucial ram now @ a good price.... What I don't get is how the Asus and MSI boards can survive with only a 2 phase power supply cuz the MOFSETS on my board get pretty damn warm even when i'm running @ default speeds on my 1600+, i would imagine the ones on the Asus and MSI boards getting upto 80C+ which is just dangerous.

01-03-02, 06:30 PM
For athlon xp, I recommend a Soyotek DRAGON Plus. This is a very well designed board and the benchmarks make the Asus A7V66-E look like a Intel 440X chipset. The board has about everything you could imagine that's useful built onto it and runs the KT266-A chipset.

Thor Walez
01-03-02, 06:39 PM
I heard about the IWILL XP333 async FSB/DRAM timings *great*
But ALI .... I do not trust them, try.

--> ABIT KG/KR7 would be grat

--> perhaps a DUAL ASUS ... ? look here !!! *drool* (http://event.asus.com.tw/EXPO2001/product/mb_a7m266-d.htm)

I get the MSI K7T266 - pro2 or something like that the VIA KT266A mobo... we will c


01-03-02, 07:51 PM
That dual asus looks like a VERY good deal. Something to consider, with cpu prices being so low.

01-04-02, 08:23 AM
Hmm, Brent recommended the msi board to be good, now you say it's the worse of the bunch, haha...

I'd like some more feedback on the msi board and the abit board...I was this close to ordering that board.

01-04-02, 08:28 AM
I'll give a two thumbs up to MSI.....years ago I was a hardcore Abit fan...but since their quality control went down the crapper, and they've obtained near a triple digit DOA percentage, I'm long done with them. Been an Asus fan for the past year or more, but after reading good things about MSI on this forum, and from Brent, I gave it a shot about a month ago....and I like it. Did an easy BIOS flash upgrade last night.

HardOCP had a good review of the nForce recently

When I was getting anxious for the nForce to come out, I had the Asus a7v266E, and the MSI version, next in place....was a tossup between them.