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01-02-02, 08:52 PM
Ok, I had a cd in the drive, ejected it, left the cd tray open, and restarted. Usually during a restart If I have the tray open it closes. Now the drive doesn't work. Windows sees it. Device manager sees it and says it is working, but when I push the eject button nothing happens. Tray doesn't open. It's like it doesn't have any power, but if it didn't have any power, than windows wouldn't see it. Any ideas here?

el bob
01-02-02, 08:58 PM
wow kind of weird.

I would check for the latest firmware for your drive and try loading that just in case

I would stick one end of a paperclip into the little hole on the face of the cdrw, pull the tray out once it pops out a bit, and then looking for anything that might be constricting the motor in the cdrw or anything else for that matter

if it came down to it you could even try plugging a different power (molex) connector into the cdrw

also it would help us to better help you if you listed some kind of information about the drive that would identify it

01-02-02, 09:01 PM
All I know is that it is a philips (I think) it does not have a little hole for the paper clip. It came with my Gateway system. I can get the tray open without the paperclip though.

**EDIT** Weird. The screen just kinda flickered and then I pushed the eject button and the tray closed. Now the light is blinking. I'll restart and see what happens.

01-02-02, 10:29 PM
that is very wierd...Can it read cds? Can it burn cds?

01-02-02, 11:05 PM
Originally posted by terrancelam
that is very wierd...Can it read cds? Can it burn cds?

No, I put a cd in and the light just keeps blinking. Then it won't eject the cd. I finally got the cd out after restarting numerous times. I open the tray and close it and the light just blinks. It did this during the summer but never for this long. Is it possible that the drive itself is overheating? It is a tiny case with practically no air flow. I suspect that when I turn on the puter in the am things will be working.

01-03-02, 12:44 AM
open the box up and disconnect the drive, clean it up, get the dust out of there and or just give it a look over and then plug it back in. It's possible, it just dead. How long ago did you buy the drive?

01-03-02, 02:45 AM
Uninstall the CD burning software, shut the system down for 30 secs, turn back on and see if it acts like a regular CD. If it does, reinstall the CD writing software ang go from there. If it works, then great, if not, try another CD Writing software package.
What are you using now? What OS?

01-03-02, 10:22 AM
Well, it's the morning and like I said...it's working again.

01-03-02, 08:17 PM
Originally posted by mikemean
Well, it's the morning and like I said...it's working again.

lol, :D 4u since it workin