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01-02-02, 05:24 PM
Hi All and Happy New Year.......As a newbie to computers and a total idiot at times, can any one tell me if there is a program to run that will tell you about your hardware in the computer? example:...I want to increase my ram to 256, but what make of ram do I buy that would be compatiable with my computer, I took the case off, looked at the motherbord and ram card, and could find no info on the motherboard or ram card to help me buy the correct one that would be compatiable with my computer. Should I just take it to a computer shop and let them handle it? But then if I do that I am not learning anything. ..get my drift?

Thanks for any help........chevyman282

01-02-02, 05:55 PM
I have say this 1000 times and i will say this again ..

The right way to learn is to read , and not to play with your hardware , at list with out having even the base in knowledge of hardware basics ..

Your drift is mistaken , my advice is to visit a computers tech and upgrade the ram ..

And by this move you will gain some time , to learn more about computers .

The members here that they like to called performance freaks ,they have studdy very well theyr lesson . :)

Its time to start your own studdy .

The last one that i remember that had the same drift like you , he end up with a burned motherboard ..

He was lucky as he was on waranty ..

01-02-02, 06:03 PM
First place to look is documentation that came with your computer. If it's OEM (like an HP, Compaq, IBM, moomooGateway, Dell, etc), you'll have a manual of sorts. If it's a homegrown from a local mom 'n pop shop...if you're luck, they give you a ziplock bag of individual manuals from the components they used to make your computer, of which hopefull will be a motherboard manual like from Asus, Abit, etc.

Out of luck on the above? Then, like you asked, you can lean towards software to show you your hardware. Besides some of the limited built in utililites like msinfo32 in Windows 98, you can download utilities like Sisoftware's Sandra


For memory, try to get memory specifically made for your make/model computer. My favorite place, and a lot of others here, is www.crucial.com

01-02-02, 06:12 PM
if you want to learn, you gotta learn the basics, like what the cpu is and the different types of cpus and then the different types of ram that going into the dimm slots and what not. But you should start first by getting your mother board's manual and reading that over, it should give you the basic idea of what the base of what your computer is and how it functions and how you can upgrade it.

01-02-02, 06:20 PM
Syncmaster and YeOdeStonecat, thanks for the advice and sites to go to. but as Syncmaster recommends, I think I will just take it into the local computer shop and let them install what I want, meanwhile I will be reading up computers, and also visit SG more often for tips and advice on hardware......

Thank you for replying.......

01-02-02, 07:01 PM
If you are just looking to upgrade your ram just go to www.crucial.com
You can just put in your computer specs or brand of computer and it will show you the compatible ram. They guarntee compatibility.
I would not recommend running and hopping to a computer store ever chence you get.
Not saying they will do it BUT just like other companies, if yout don't knowabout a product. They can take advantage of you and sell you some crap you dont need OR charge you some crazy install fee
Just do a little research and reading you will be supprised how much you will learn.

01-02-02, 07:17 PM
for ram, nah do it urself, its very simple, unless u own a compaq lol