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Joint Chiefs of Staff
01-02-02, 11:35 AM
Ok....bare with me for a bit.

I got a new 80 gig Maxtor H/D from my wife for Christmas. I have an exsisting IBM 32 gig H/D. My mobo is a P3 700mhz (Dell Purchased two years ago). I have a 5 year Small business package that covers all hardware, printer, monitor etc. in that time span. Let's get to the nitty gritty of the problem.

You may have noticed a thread from me on Christmas Day on this problem. So, I've been at it since then trying to figure this bad boy of a problem out! :rolleyes: :(

If I sound elementary forgive me. Hardware is not my speciality. Telephone and Data Line repair is.

I have two IDE controllers Primary/Secondary. Each controllers can take another device like a drive, cd rom, dvd rom etc.

On my system before the 80 gig I had my 32 gig H/D on Primary/Master. Primary/Slave was empty. On Secondary Master I had my Plextor 16x10x40 CdR/CdRW and on the Secondary/Slave my Hitachi DVD Rom.

32 gig H/D jumpers were set to master
Plextor and Hitachi jumpers set to cable select.
All was fine there for about 2 years until I installed the 80 gig Maxtor Christmas Day.

My mobo and bios supports up to an 80 gig H/D. Verified all this through Dell etc. Unfortunately they can't support me becuase I run either Win98SE/Win2k bual boot, Win98SE/Win2k Server or WinXP. They don't support dual boots systems. And I didn't want to reload Win98 SE separtely just to flatter tech support.

I have yet to install a master/secondary device on the controller. So when I hooked up my Maxtor H/D *with love in my eyes* to the master/secondary controller nothing....naddy...nil. So everyone said check your jumpers!! Did this about 30 times at least including checking IBM's and Maxtor url's to verify jumper settings via pictures etc. just in case my H/D labels were wrong by chance. Which they where not. I was just crasping at thin air here. They matched perfectly.

So I totally disconnected my Secondary IDE controller cable from the mobo and left both H/D's on the Primary controller cable. Still it would only reconize my 32gig as master and nothing for slave. So I switched drive postions on the Primary IDE cable. Maxtor primary and ibm secondary. Volia! (well kind of) Primary master was my maxtor and nothing for primary/secondary which should be my ibm 32 gig drive. Huh! Still not working right. Checked jumper settings again. Maxtor drive jumpers where set to master and ibm drive set to slave. So, I placed all jumpers on drive to cable select and drives still in same position on Primary/Master (Maxtor) Primary/Slave (IBM) and still only the Maxtor detects for primary/master no slave thru the bios.

So, for laughs I placed ONLY my Maxtor drive on the Primary/Slave controller cable and jumpers set to MASTER. In the bios it picked up the Maxtor drive as Primary/Master so I place the jumper on slave settings and kept it on the Primary/Slave controller cable. It still picked it up as being the Primary/Master device. So, I did the same for the IBM. I disconnected the Maxtor and placed the IBM on Primary/Slave with different jumper settings and each time it picked up in the bios as Primary/Master.

Either way when I have any of the two H/D's on the Primary IDE cable it only detects the one on the Primary/Master or when only one drive is on either the Primary/Master or Primary/Secondary controller.

What gives here? Do you think my Primary/Slave controller on my mobo is on the fritz? I can have Dell overnight a new mobo if this is the case.

Here's pickle for you all. I can run my 80 gig Maxtor on Secondary/Master with my CD or DVD Rom set to Secondary/Slave and my 32 gig IBm drive to Primary/master and all is well. Except when I try and put my CD rom or DVD Rom on Primary/Slave with the IBM on Primary/Master. Same problem as above. What gives!!!!!! I know I have the IBM drive jumpes set to 16 Heads Master Or to 16 Heads Slave. Even cable select does the same thing.

Please any advice or help would be nice at this point.

01-02-02, 11:49 AM
It seems that you have covered almost everything... Do you have another EIDE cable somewhere?? Could be a bad cable : I've seen that once and the symptoms were exactlty what you describe here.

01-02-02, 11:52 AM
There is no such thing as a primary/slave controller, so I guess it can't be fryed... An IDE controller (primary or secondary) will control both, master and slave, devices.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
01-02-02, 12:01 PM
Tried a new IDE cable. Forgot to mention that.

And like I said I work for the telephone company repairing telephone/data lines. Forgive me if my computer teminology is not correct.

01-02-02, 02:27 PM
so let me get this straight, the new HD isn't recognized when set to slave when used in addtion to the other existing HD in the bios start up? If this is the case, then the HD may not be so functional.

But before you get crazy, check the bios to make sure it's all set up correctly, check to see that the IDE controller is set to auto for detection or that it is enabled.

As for the HD itself, inspect it closely to make sure nothing is causing the jumper to connect for no apparent reason.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
01-02-02, 03:04 PM
It's all coming together now.

I just spent the last 2 hours on the phone with IBM OEM Drive Tech Support.

They have seen this problem only twice before. Seems something is wrong with the IBM 32 gig drive making it not able to pick up slave devices on the primary or secondary IDE cables. Basically speaking the drive even when jumpers are set do not allow for slave devices to be reconized.

Weird yes. Strange yes. And just when I was about to pull my freaking hair out messing with it for the last 7 days.

I just called Dell and had them send me a replacement drive next day delivery since I have the small business warranty. Probably won't be here till Friday at least.

But finally an answer for all my problems. I guess there is always and answer if you don't give up and dig further into it.

Thanks for everybody's help. I'll let you know how it goes when I get the new 32 gig from Dell.


01-02-02, 04:02 PM
seems its out of my hands. Hope you get a better hd, if you have more problems, feel free to pm me.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
01-02-02, 04:07 PM
and I thought it couldn't get any better.

Dell called me to say they had no more IBM 32 gig 7200's in stock so they are sending me a IBM 60 gig 7200 spin free upgrade.

I kinda got shi**y with Tech Support. I told them what good is a 'Small Business' warranty that I paid a chunk of change for if I can't get the goods the next business day like my warranty states.

Well...you'd think I walked on water the way Tech Support was treating me. And tomorrow afternoon I'll have a new 60 gig drive to go along with my 80 gig. Can't beat that. :D