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01-02-02, 11:03 AM
Are the ATI 64 MB DDR Radeon VE 7000 TV out/Dual display good cards? cause I can get one under the standard price range?

01-02-02, 12:27 PM
What are you going to be using it for? ;)

01-02-02, 02:57 PM
VE is for dual monitor support. Get the LE at the least.

01-03-02, 04:51 AM
UGH Intergra Type-R?!? NON-Turbo?!? BSS!!!!!! My WRX will kick your a$s anyday!! lol :D

01-03-02, 05:38 AM
you're pretty stupid.

01-03-02, 08:39 AM
the [H] owns tiger's soul lol

oh and jesus, god or whatever being u may be, there a good card but not great for gaming

01-03-02, 09:24 AM
get the ATI 7500.....great card for gaming!

01-03-02, 09:31 AM
Originally posted by nightowl
get the ATI 7500.....great card for gaming!

8500 is great 7500 is acceptable, forgive this man, he's canadian!!! lol

01-03-02, 09:50 AM
Originally posted by onetrueday
you're pretty stupid.


And antisocial. Obviously Mommy and Daddykins didn't wuv him enough. ;)

01-03-02, 10:14 AM
Originally posted by YARDofSTUF

8500 is great


01-03-02, 10:43 AM
Originally posted by Qwijib0


Yep Holy crap I just ran 3D Mark 2001 with 4 AA samples on 1024x768x32 and amazing. Sure it was a little choppy but.... It was great. buyaib.com sent me the LE version so I have to call em up and have them send me the right card (oem with cables and converters) but other then that the 8500 gets my Pimpin' Product Award (C) 2002 Bob:D I say get the 8500. You won't be dissapointed.