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01-02-02, 05:15 AM
Wraah !!

Can i use a K6-III 450 mhz as a server for UT or Ftp ? .. Should work fine rt ?

well i dunno.. :D . But i smoked my bios yesterday.. ;( need to fine me a new one..

01-02-02, 06:21 AM
I use a K62 400 mhz for a web/ftp/file server

I don't know how good a UT server would work on a 450 though, I would assume you would need a little more mhz power?

01-02-02, 07:08 AM
450mhz is a bit low to serve.

01-02-02, 07:45 AM
How many people on it? I'm sure it will run UT fine in batch file dedicated mode. I currently have a PIII 700 running 3X UT servers, a Q3 server, and a whole bunch of other fat websites, mIRC server, PcA, VNC, and a forum for the clan....and the CPU isn't only about 60% utilized most of the time.

Game servers don't crunch much data, it's just lots of little packets of data...a good NIC is one of the best things you can do, as well as a good OS like NT 4 Server if you plan on hosting for more than 10 clients, not a desktop OS. Desktop OS's are optimized for up to 10 concurrent connections until they start losing efficiency. By desktop OS, I mean Win9X/ME/NT4Workstation/2KPro/XP home and pro.

You want to run the game in batch file command line mode, not fullscreen graphics mode. Batch file mode runs the service much MUCH leaner....less resources used.

01-02-02, 08:10 AM

Some say that i cant use it ans some says that i can...*Confused*.. Ill do like this... its was ment to be a CTF server for the clan but i think its a little to much... 10 ppl on a 450 mhz.. nah.. So ill make it a 2on2 & 1on1 Server then..

Thnx m8īz

01-02-02, 09:35 AM
If u follow Yeoldstonecat's advice u should be fine. make sure u beef up the ram to the max and all should be smooth.

01-02-02, 09:39 AM
Yeah i shall try that and hope that it works ok !..

Thnx :D

01-02-02, 09:45 AM
It should be fine

does't the K63 have more L2 or L3 cache or something?

cause that will help a lot, in servers you want as much L2 and L3 cache as you can get!

01-02-02, 09:50 AM
well.. Dunno so much about it... I bought it for 25$ with Mb.. Just to make a server of it..

But i cant make the Damn MB to work with PCI 3d cards..

01-02-02, 09:53 AM
i used my celeron 542mhz to host a ftp that was getting +400 hits a day. I think you'll be fine.

01-02-02, 09:56 AM
Yeah i hope so..........

01-02-02, 01:22 PM
Use Linux, and it should be fine for a small server. I remember the days of connecting to Half-Life servers that were hosting for 12 players running on Pentium 233 MMX processors, but because they were using Linux, they ran OK.

01-02-02, 01:34 PM
As much as I'd love to rag on that old AMD CPU....it will be fine. Years ago we build plenty of servers for LAN's on lesser hardware....the CPU will not be the bottleneck. Especially if you load NT Server, or Linux. I dunno if UT ported to Linux or not though, I always ran it on NT 4 Server.
As for RAM....the most I've see a UT server consume is about 64 megs fully packed.

The connection will be your bottleneck, your your rig.

You talking about a server to sit at your house and host for 4 - 6 clients through broadband? Then don't even worry about it....your connection will be the bottleneck 20 times before your CPU.

Co-locating your server at some ISP where you have a connection to an OC-3? Then yes, you'll be wanting to host at least 50 players....then you want duallie CPU's and a serious NIC like a 3COM 990XP.

LAN server for 20 or so....then it will do OK.

The keys are how you build the server, which OS you are using (which you haven't told us yet), and your NIC.

01-02-02, 01:44 PM
This can be downloaded here (ftp://utservers:idspispopd@ftp.lokigames.com/ut-server-436.tar.gz).

01-02-02, 04:26 PM
Hmm... i dont understand a **** of what u said in that message But im problably gonna run it on a 2.5 mbit ISP and maybe linux OS. It is only for a 1on1 2on2 and maybe 3on3 server so i should work fine.... But i hate to fix with the ticrate all the time... suxx.

Thnx alot m8īz

01-02-02, 04:29 PM
Sounds like you're running on a cable or DSL then...a broadband home connection. So that will be the indicator of your performance(bottleneck), not the server, meaning don't worry about how fast your server is....as it could be pretty slow, and it won't be what's slowing you down.

I'm sitting here settling in for the evening at home, building a honkin gaming server which will be co-located at an ISP. Has dual procs on it, NT 4 server is being installed right now. Will have a sweet 3COM network card in it. Will be running about 4 game servers at the same time.....adding Return to Castle Wolfenstein also! Bandwidth will not be an issue for this server though...as it will sit in a data center fed by 4x OC-3 lines.

01-02-02, 05:58 PM

Yeah my connection is a Home DSL.... So u think it should work ??
good... Now i only need the god damn bios for my Mb...

01-02-02, 06:05 PM
Should it work? Sure. Key thing, gaming server performance is only as good as the weak link in the chain, so no matter how good your download is, upload (which is usually the slower of the two in broadband) is your deciding factor.

Taken from www.planetunrealtournaments admin page, Unreal Tournament uses about 28.8 per client for optimal bandwidth. So, take your benchmarked, tested upload speed (not what your ISP tells you ya should be getting), and divide that figure by 28.8...and round up. That is about the max amount of clients you can host from the WAN side before the next client who logs on will start cutting into everyones bandwidth.

From my experience with UT and Rune, that's about fairly true.

01-02-02, 06:09 PM
Ok i shall check it.... but i know that the bandwith is 2.5 up/down and it works fine...but the ping is quiet unstable somtimes.. Need to talk to the isp and givem a kick and tell them to fix it :D