View Full Version : I just fried one of my 256 Apacer :o

Thor Walez
12-30-01, 11:53 AM

I swapped my Collemaster HSfan with the Copper ZaLmAn to reach 1600mhz ... while removing the mobo out of my case I think I broke one of my 2 256er sticks ... very sad!

Now I am back with 256 RAM :cry:

Tomorrow I will bring it back to the store and replace it :D Perhaps I will buy a 512 instead the 256 ...
It has to have an advantage after breaking one of them ;)


12-30-01, 03:07 PM
256mb is not bad...

how did you manage to break it though?

did you physically brake a part off?

12-30-01, 03:37 PM
on my old asus a7a266 i was replacing the heatsink with a better one and while removing the old on the screw driver slipped off the tension clip and went into the first ram bank:o

system would not boot with ram in that slot :-(

id have rather broke a stick of ram lol


12-30-01, 03:49 PM
work in the other dimm slots?

12-30-01, 05:12 PM
ohh yeah the other slot is fine....the system boots and runs fine with a stik in the other slot........i am just limited to 1 stick of ram.
it just wont post at all with a stick in the slot i banged into.

know where i can score a cheap stick of 2gig ddr???? heheheheh


Thor Walez
12-30-01, 07:42 PM
I have 4 slots,

tried the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ... in all my pc speaker beeps alot of times... :-/


PS: I do not know how I broke it ... I think that I have not touched it !!!!!!!