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12-29-01, 06:35 PM
http://m4a2t0t.homestead.com/files/computer/front.jpg http://m4a2t0t.homestead.com/files/computer/left.jpg http://m4a2t0t.homestead.com/files/computer/right.jpg

12-29-01, 06:35 PM
Mmmm blue looks c00

12-29-01, 06:36 PM
http://m4a2t0t.homestead.com/files/computer/rad.jpg http://m4a2t0t.homestead.com/files/computer/south.jpg
look teh Vmod ;)
Led's on

still got some work to do,had to completely rewire the PSU and i need to redo the tubes back to how i had them before.going to redo the psu(change the wire colors).
i got a temp probe coming next week so i can tell what my CPU temp is, the hardware monitor is giving me false readings.
made the fan bus,switches are a little off so im gonna make another one,need to put in rheostat so i can lower the fan speed on the radiator.
need to also buy a cd burner and paint it and put that dvd drive back in my dell.
the paint inside the case sucks
still need to build the ram blocks

whatca think

12-29-01, 06:41 PM
what are you crazy , how long did that take you ?

look sweet :nod:

12-29-01, 06:48 PM
yes i am crazy:D
took me a few weeks to do the painting,not to bad a finish for spray paint.coulda had the paint done sooner but it was rainy.putting it all together took a few days.

12-29-01, 07:01 PM
very very nice, wish I had time to mod my case. It looks really excellent , the watercooling rig is first class and ooooohhhhh it's really shiny too. :D

12-29-01, 07:25 PM
omg! I think I creamed my pants. :D :D

12-29-01, 07:27 PM
what case is that?

looks like an Antec

12-29-01, 07:28 PM
Originally posted by BaLa
what case is that?

looks like an Antec

antec sx 1240

12-29-01, 08:05 PM
Nice :nod:

What temps you gettin from the watercooling? Was it a kit?

12-29-01, 08:22 PM
Originally posted by HalfLifer
Nice :nod:

What temps you gettin from the watercooling? Was it a kit?

VIA and motherboard monitor show 45C,which is wrong(the temp probe is screwed up,dont trust that probe).have checked the temps of the waterblock and resivor and they are around 85F,getting thermal probe next week.i figure my temps should be around 35c loaded,will know for sure next week.
wasnt a kit,bought waterblocks from dangerden,the radiator is a hayden transmission cooler,RIO 600 pump and as you may see my resivor is a old mayo jar.havent found the right thing to use as a resivor yet.

12-29-01, 08:40 PM
very nice! :nod:

12-29-01, 10:39 PM
A job well done...nice ;)

12-29-01, 11:04 PM
Ok, I think it's illegal to own a case that nice. I will need to immediately confiscate it for my own uses.

12-30-01, 12:58 AM
Very nice m0a2t4t, i wish i had the patience to organize my wires like u and Roundeye. mine are all jumbled together and messey looking. Great paint job too, nice shiney and clean.

12-30-01, 03:37 AM
god.....how much did u spend on it? very very nice :) :rolleyes:

12-30-01, 08:10 AM
nice dude, that's tight!

12-30-01, 08:19 AM
Sweet Sweet ... nice job brother

12-30-01, 01:42 PM
thanks guys:)

i dont know how much i spent on it,like $150 for the watercooling and paint,$100 for the case,and probably $400-$500 for everything inside the case(which i already had,except for the silver cables)
heres the aluminum bars that i still need to get milled,going to be watercooled ram baby;)

12-30-01, 01:57 PM
Killer Setup!!

I like the use of the tranny cooler. Nice and smooth paint too. It won't be too long before SpeedGuide has it's own mod page. (hint, hint, mods ;) )

Glad to see others around here getting into the mod scene. It won't be too long before ExperiMental Part II hits the streets. :D


12-30-01, 02:27 PM
Originally posted by RoundEye
Killer Setup!!

I like the use of the tranny cooler. Nice and smooth paint too. It won't be too long before SpeedGuide has it's own mod page. (hint, hint, mods ;) )

Glad to see others around here getting into the mod scene. It won't be too long before ExperiMental Part II hits the streets. :D


had so much fun building this one im building another:)

12-30-01, 04:29 PM
I dunno what the resivor is supposed to do, but how about a thermos bottle? Or does the tank need to radiate heat? A clear plexi cube would maximize space needs also, well, the clear bit would just look neat. Put some marbles and a fish in it..heh.

12-30-01, 06:21 PM
a larger resivor helps keep down the temps.
a plexi cube would be nice,how hard is it to work with plexiglass?

12-30-01, 07:06 PM
I dunno. I'd bet a dremel, or one of those roto-zips would cut it like butter. Being a plastic, its prolly pretty easy to seal the edges, epoxy, or something that does not mind water. Silicone sealant?

12-30-01, 07:25 PM
Lucite would work just great (available at Home Depot or most large hardware emporiums) and is wasy to get in different colors if so desired. and as Brembo mentioned, a Silicone sealant (preferably the kind approved for fishtanks. some sealants have solvents in them that would be best kept out of the loop). all you have to be worried about is that your edges are square and true to avoid leaks. using something like a mitre saw or table saw would make this easier if you have access to something like that..

i have been debating machining my own heatsink or waterblock at work. i have a couple ideas for a HSF system i have wanted to try out, but a waterblock system would be so very-very trick and not difficult for me as we have some great machines at work. at some point i will. i mean we even have a giant 4' lapping machine. problem is, by the end of the day i just want to go home and enjoy a cold one. and if i am lucky, maybe a warm one :p ...... and then another cold one.

12-31-01, 03:23 PM
Yeah Faust, with the machines at yer diposal you could whip up a fermi reactor. Heck, you could make a closed loop freon setup, not just a cooler, but a CHILLER. Heh, yer probe would not know what to do, gettin readings in the negative range. Nice thin walled aluminum blocks, with high water flow, custom radiator, braided steel lines, hmmmm, now I kinda want to make one. Too bad this P4 really would not benefit, guess the next box is gonna have an AMD in it.

01-01-02, 03:12 PM
rerouted the tubes so the north recieves cooler water.