View Full Version : How do you identify a 'caller id' modem?

12-27-01, 05:32 PM
how can i tell if a modem is able to detect 'caller id' information?

mosts of the merchants let us know that they are 'call waiting' compatable....

but i can't tell if they will work with 'caller id'
Found this question elsewhere, did a search on Google and I'm still lost. Can anyone offer any education on this subject?

12-27-01, 06:03 PM
Interesting question , i have some awsers ,but i will wait to see what the other brains in the forum will reply ..

12-27-01, 06:54 PM
Thanks Sync, I've found all sorts of software to serve the purpose, but the only way I know of is, if the modem manufacturer outright says that it is caller ID compatible.
Google kind of let me down on this one.

12-28-01, 09:02 PM
The only caller ID compatible modems is all the ISDN ones ...

What type of modem do you have ,or you are planing to buy ?

12-28-01, 10:49 PM
u want to know if a modem can work with caller id in the house? or if it can use the caller id? or if it has caller id built in?

i be so lost