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12-27-01, 03:43 PM
looking to either buy or build a server. any suggestions on specs or one to buy? Would I need more than 1 processor? thanks

12-27-01, 03:55 PM
TYAN S2460
Dual 1.4ghz...

12-27-01, 05:01 PM
First, be application driven...what will it be used for? Many different ways of building and configuring a server based on what it will be doing. Gaming server I'm guessing by your UT clan in your post? I built the one that ZombieBattalion runs on, rebuilding it next week with a total upgrade. It lives at my ISP, in the server room, fed by 4x OC-3 lines. I've done a lot of LAN server building, and a few public gaming servers co-located at ISP's...can give ya some pointers.

Honestly, the best performing OS is NT 4 Server, service packed to 6.0a. 2K is a bit sluggish, and still has latency issues with many games. Another couple of service packs and it may get better.

Dual CPU's? Depends...how many games do you wish to serve at once? Right now I have a server with a single PIII 700, and it can run 3X UT servers, a very intensive webpage, the clans forum message board, an mIRC server, PcAnywhere host, VNC host, map redirects, without even getting the CPU usage close to maxed. Replacing it with a dual PIII rig in a couple of weeks because I wish to add RTCW to the list of games it serves, and I don't wanna lag the UT guys. So look at the above load this server runs....3x game servers, 40 - 60 clients connected plus tons of other traffic....and the CPU is just modestly working hard. If you're running a honkin server co-located at some ISP...with many games at once...then duallies is the way to go, but not mandatory. If you're tossing around the idea of a server for your house on some broadband connection, than honestly a single old proc like a PII 450 will never get utilized over 50%...so don't even worry about duallies.

RAM, well, it's cheap enough, so whatever you want. The server above never exceeds 400 megs of RAM usage.

NIC....the NIC is the key...don't skimp here.....stick with a sweet Intel Pro, or 3COM 905....better yet...a 3COM 990XP server NIC. NIC's are important...you don't want a bottleneck from some el-cheapo 25 dollar NIC that cannot handle many concurrent connections.

OS....you really want a server OS. Don't use a Desktop OS like Win9X, Win NT 4 Workstation, Win2K Pro, or WinXP. Desktop OS's are designed to be efficient with up to 10 concurrent connections...they really lose efficiency past that. Server OS's are designed for many concurrent connections...they handle heavy traffic better. From my experience, and also from getting positive feedback from my suggestions from many other gaming forums, such as planetunrealtournaments admin forum....NT 4 Server, all service packed to the latest...is the best performing OS for a gaming server.

Location....obviously connection is important here....choose a good ISP to co-locate your server. Bandwidth is expensive though...and often metered...you're billed by traffic.

There are quite a few places popping up where you can pay a monthly charge like 40 - 80 bucks, and you get a "virtual game server" all configured for you, sharing space on servers with other people, in some huge data center fed by big bandwidth. May wanna look into those.

12-27-01, 06:02 PM
roody u want a server, server? or like a UT server?