View Full Version : Watcom C++ Compiler any good

12-09-01, 02:52 PM
I'm downloading the Opensource Watcom C/C++ v11 from www.openwatcom.org
Is it any good? I'm having trouble with DJGPP on my 486 and NOBODY CAN HELP ME so I'm trying other options.
The download is about 46megs so I think it contains a whole bunch of stuff, maybe an IDE or something with a bunch of useful libraries, I don't know.
I'm also download the Borland C++Builder Freecompiler but thats a 8.6meg file, it contains I think necessary stuff like ANSI complaint libraries and stuff

12-09-01, 03:57 PM
I've used, and currently have installed on my windows machine, the Borland compiler. It's a fairly nice compiler, but it doesn't have half the features that gcc does. However, it works quite nicely when installed properly.

12-10-01, 11:18 AM
I've installed the Borland Freecompiler and it works rather great.
Stu, you said I had to use "using std::string" but I found that "using namespace std;" also works, is there any difference in compiling time and size maybee?

12-11-01, 03:24 PM
'using namespace' isn't supported on some older compilers, but with or without the 'namespace' it's usually implemented the same way--so, there is no real difference.