View Full Version : Compiling for UNIX under DOS environment

12-09-01, 05:22 AM
I want to compile C/C++ applets for use on a Unix Webserver (CGI-BIN) but I only have Win2K / DOS environment.

I use DJGPP under DOS which is a DOS-port of the Linux GCC compiler.

12-09-01, 04:54 PM
There are only two options I can think of. 1) If you have command line access to the machine in question, you can compile it on there (provided it has a compiler on it; some closed source unix systems, like older versions of Solaris for instance, do not include a C/C++ compiler with the OS). 2) Install a cross-compiler on your machine (a compiler that is capable of compiling for other architectures as well as your own). gcc is capable of this (the typical install of it is not--you have to set it up a little differently), but I'm not sure if any of the Win32 ports have ported this capability though.