View Full Version : Mobo for sale or trade

11-16-01, 11:48 PM
Gigabyte G5AX Socket 7 Mobo, with AMD-K6-500mhz (with fan) and 128 Mbs SDRAM. Make me a good offer or trade for a good AGP video card.:D

11-24-01, 11:49 AM
I have A Video Excel TNT Speed Chaser 2 Series 32mb

1-High Performance 128 Bit 2D/GUI?DirectDraw
2-AGP 4X/2X Interface AGP 2.0 And AGP 1.0
3-Windows 2000,Windows NT 4.0 Display Drivers
4-Video Acceleration for DirectShow.Mpeg-1
5-High Performance Implementation of Direct 3D and Open GL Standers
6-18/64-bit frame buffer interface supportiog up to 32mb of Sdram/sgram

Duzmor:D :D