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11-14-01, 02:24 AM
I know this is simple question so excuse me for my ignorance. How do you get the window to close automatically when writing a batch file that is executed thru windows? What is the command line?


11-14-01, 03:56 AM
Good thing I wasn't holding my breath...

If anyone cares, I found out the command is cls . So long as you have echo off. If you don't turn echo off, the screen will just clear but not close.

Freezing Moon
11-14-01, 03:58 AM
Cool, thanks, I didn't know that :)

11-14-01, 04:15 AM
Originally posted by mirton
Good thing I wasn't holding my breath...

This is really the wrong forum for your question. Should be in software.

11-14-01, 11:36 AM
You're right Jetta... The logic was, more eyes to read the question, better chances of getting an answer.

So much for logic :)

11-14-01, 01:43 PM
Just for your info... Check you help file in windows 2000, all the commands you might need are listed under command reference.