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11-13-01, 07:41 PM
what is the normal acceptable temp for the CPU and the MoBo?

I think I am running a little warm and have been running at about 115 F for the CPU and around 90 F for the MoBo.

I am wanting to OC it but at these temps I am not sure if it is feasable. I have got the latest and best drivers for all my components, but I still have been freezing up. Only thing I can think of is that my CPU is getting too hot.

the MoBo is an ASUS CUV4X with BIOS revision 1007 there is a v 1008 and 1009 available. Is it worth the effort to flash it again? What could I gain from it?

thx for the help

11-13-01, 07:44 PM
what kind of proc?

11-13-01, 07:46 PM
CPU is an intel Pentium III 1000 MHz ( 1 GHz)

right now nothing is OC'd I have 2 x 256 pc 133 dimm SDRAM

11-13-01, 07:52 PM
wait for Qwijbo or YeOldeStonecat, or somebody else..
/me is not an Intel Man

11-13-01, 09:21 PM
I KNOW SOMEONE can help this man out....

11-13-01, 09:29 PM
I am the one ?

I am INTEL boy , and also good one , with PIII 1000 , and on the way the ASUS TUSL2-C :)

Do you have boxed heatsing or what ?

11-13-01, 10:25 PM
so can anyone tell me what the temp should be in Farenheit degrees?

11-13-01, 10:52 PM
107,64 F is a good temp in full load .

If you have the boxed heatsing and fan, for sure you need a better fan , because the standart INTEL is kinda slow in rpm .

11-15-01, 01:59 PM
what? you are saying over 10,000 degrees.

I am not a genious but I know that won't be suitable

my CPU fan runs at 5,000 RPM

11-15-01, 02:36 PM
Originally posted by lance
what? you are saying over 10,000 degrees.

I am not a genious but I know that won't be suitable

my CPU fan runs at 5,000 RPM lmao

Sync = teh man from Greece..
not sure about this but I KNOW that in germany they express
two dollars and ten cents like this
in the US it would be 2.10

therefore I believe in greece they use the , for where the american would use the "."

which means
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11-15-01, 04:20 PM
Thanks Bala , i think that our friend does not need info , he needs a new play ground , and he discover the SG for that ..

Next time i will watch my back more .

If some one writes all that stuff for one litle mistake like that ,

11-15-01, 09:31 PM
sorry about the confusion, I am no good with decimals and whatnot outside of the US's.

My CPU stays generally in that vicinity of course I would love to have it run cooler.

ya I am a little young I have only been in the IT field for a few years, I got my degree in computer apps and programming only last year. However I must say I have probally learned more about computers, as far as the true workings of them, here than I was ever taught in college. Perhaps that is why I have stayed here for so long, I keep trying to learn more. truely though I have learned the most from the NUT and the MAN.


11-15-01, 10:12 PM
actually I don't know why Sync got worked up over it

it was really confusing at first when I moved to the US from germany in in '96..

11-16-01, 02:12 PM
Heh .. its ok i do not keep hard feelings or something ..