View Full Version : ASPI for cd's

11-13-01, 12:24 PM
does anyone know how to enable ASPI on cd-roms

11-13-01, 12:58 PM
ASPI Is A Software Interface For SCSI Host Adapters. A Rephrasing Of The Question Is In Order.

11-13-01, 01:01 PM
ok well i thought i saw that coming.... so then i will describe the situation.

Ive got music CD's , want to turn them into mp3's

have audiocatalyst, will only work in ASPI mode, but for some reason when i upgraded to ASPI, it now tells me my CD-roms cant do ASPI access or something

it has worked before

11-13-01, 01:09 PM
What OS and when it worked before were you using a diffrent App To Burn?

11-13-01, 01:12 PM
worked in WIN ME...... wasnt when burning, its when ripping the song of the CD and converting it to mp3.

now it doesnt work with XP

11-13-01, 01:26 PM
oic. Do dis. Download this (http://people.mw.mediaone.net/palexander/SG/aspiupdates.zip). Run aspichk.exe. If it says ASPI is not installed, Extract the contents of aspidll.zip into your %systemroot%\system32 directory. Then run aspi32.exe (click the upgrade button and then reboot when asked). Should be able to rip then.