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11-13-01, 09:39 AM
I found it finnaly , but is so popular ,that the local dealers they have run out of stock .

I have to wait for 5 days ,so they will refuell :D

Still i have some litle questions about it .

Like is the ATA 100 controler from Promise ?
Is it worth to take the Raid version of it ?
Is there room for the standar PIII 1000 boxed heatsing ?
If i add my 2 Micron 256Megs SDRAM pc133 , the stability it will the same , like with one module ?
Have any one tryed to fill all the memory slots with 3 x 256 megs, to tell what happent ?

Best overclock settings for PIII 1G ? ( like Bus speed and CPU speed - voltages )

11-13-01, 10:18 AM
In stock here...my favorite place to buy....fantastic support for their products.


Intel ATA controller

RAID...worth it if you have two identicle drives...

Have had no stability problems with various memory configurations...currently have 3 sticks in there. It's really a rock stable board. But 3x 256 sticks...no, 815 has 512 meg max.....so if you plan on running XP down the line and want a gig of RAM or so....this board isn't for you. If you're one of those "I'll never get past 512 megs" users....then this is a rock stable board.

11-13-01, 05:02 PM
Thanks man .
I am looking for local stock , just to make my life easier with the waranty .

About memory i do not mind to use only the 2 of the three 256 megs sticks, that i have .

RAID .. I have 2 IBM XGP60 , but the reason that i got the second, was for security of data , like 40GB to back up another 40GB .
So i do not take the risk of a raid setup .

If i was had 4 of them , yes i will did it .

I do not plan to use XP , now or in the future , the Win2k serves me at the pick of my needs .

I found the board in 3 companys , tommorow i am waiting for the last call from them .
Crosing my fingers , the board will be at my hands this Friday ..

11-13-01, 05:42 PM
This exact same thread, just a bit different.

11-13-01, 05:43 PM
I found one German comparison ....... Not Bad ... Not bad at all ;)


hahahahaaaaa , damn i am happy all ready ..

11-13-01, 05:46 PM
Tell me how the tweaking and ocing goes!

11-13-01, 05:47 PM
terrancelam your link needs repair :)

11-13-01, 05:49 PM
Ok , a soon i will got it , i will say .

At list i have all the tools for a nice speedy ring .
Good CPU and great Ram .

11-13-01, 06:16 PM
Ok forgive me but i am planing to post another 10 posts with everything i found about the damn TUSL2-C .

ASUS mania ,has take me over ..

Another fantastic diskovery ... about this board ..

As much to the Northbridge - the MCH is responsible for the exchange of data between CCU / Northbridge / memory and AGP, the Southbridge, which uses Intel, is the ICH2, it comes also on the Pentium 4-Chipset i845 and i850 to the application.

11-13-01, 10:52 PM
Ok its a perfect one, at list now i know everything about it .. :D

11-13-01, 11:00 PM
Four posts in a row....

I'm scared...:eek:

11-13-01, 11:04 PM
Originally posted by MagicMikey
Four posts in a row....

I'm scared...:eek:
/me thinks sync is turning into lobo....slowly but surely


11-13-01, 11:07 PM

Originally farted by MagicMikey
Four browns in a smooching row....

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/me squirts sync is mother****ing into lobo....slowly but surely

11-13-01, 11:08 PM
VIVA ZAPATA ,, OLE OLE TORO , oups OLE ASUS hahahaha..

11-13-01, 11:14 PM
Actually, until he starts writing up posts and saving them, then pasting them irrelevantly, then he'll be a Lobo! ;)

11-15-01, 06:39 AM
more delays , more delays , i need my motherboard .......

8 days more delay , i need some support from all of you ..
Start saying that is ok , do not worry ,and stuff like that . :(

11-15-01, 04:20 PM
Ohhh noooooo......my baby is getting anxiously concerned.... ;)

hehehe, just eat some pizza and keep waiting cause it will be hella worth the wait!! ;)

11-15-01, 05:28 PM
Hmmm i like pizza , but i like the damn ASUS more .
If i am lucky i will have in 2 days , if i am unlucky i will got it in 4.

Thanks MagicMikey you are a pall :)

11-15-01, 07:07 PM
I can't help it....here's some teaser's! ;) ;):D :nod:


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ;)

11-15-01, 07:44 PM
The best gift that i had this month is this photos .

Because the preview month i got :
SONY G420 ( with usb hub)
Hitachi DVD Ram GD 8000
P3 1Ghz
COMPEX Switch Hub
2 Level 1 100 Mbits NICs
Cat5 Cables

And i pay for all that :)

My last gift for the 2001 will be the ASUS king :)

11-15-01, 07:46 PM
awwwwwwwww...... ;)


so sweet........ ;)

11-16-01, 03:06 PM
1 day left , untill the delivery ...

I can not wait to benchmark this new modo .. :D

11-17-01, 07:18 PM
GOT IT !!! YEAAAAA Got it :)

Yellow box with Green sides , the litle baby on it with all the goodys , USB extra slots ,cables ,and ASUS Stickers...
2 manuals , and a lot BIOS settings ..

Oh my god this bios looks like F-16 pilot cabinet .
I did all the basic settings , so to finaly boot .
It was not that hard to setup the basics .

I booted with my system in to win2k , the OS had a big suprize , finding instead of the ABIT BE6-2 , the ASUS TUSL2-C .

With five reboots , the system find it self again , some INF updates from the ASUS CD for the 815 chip .
By big suprize the CD had the latest offisial version of them .
One pass with the service pack 2 , for win2k , just for waranty that the system is using the latest software , in any driver and files .

It will take me , some time to find all the secrets of it , i am only 60 minutes with it so far , the CPU is very cold .
I ven more cold wen i was using the ABIT .

I got one giant heatsing for Athlon , double size for the big boxed one .
I add one Sanyo Denki 60x60x25 mm ball bearing , i have 4 of those , got them from Germany at the time that i got the ALPHA P3125 , that now is rest in peace , at list for the momment .

Everything looks nice and stable , but i need to make some tests and benchmarks to see for soor .

I have see some things that i have not any explanations for the momment.
Like the device manager takes some time to open , and my hard drives gives unstable skors with the Promise ATA 100 PCI controler .
I have just defrag the drive , and i will run some tests to make my mind ..

Any way, so far, so good !! :D

11-17-01, 08:25 PM
what OS?

BTW congrats! I know how you feel!

11-17-01, 08:33 PM
WIN2K , i have not try to boot on win98 , that i have as dual boot .

So far the Win2k have bin , very friendly to the new motherboard .

I do not know how the win98 will gona take it :D :D :D

11-17-01, 09:42 PM



Its 4:40 am here , the lights is not that great in the room for A class pictures , but its good enough to take the idea .

11-18-01, 10:18 AM
Dude you just carried your current Win2K HD from one motherboard to the other without format C: and running setup again?

Doh...the benchmarks will be so biased....your probably had a fresh install of the OS on your old motherboard...so those benchmarks will have an edge. Carry that same installation over to a new motherboard, let it add tons of new drivers cluttered in with your old drivers...running a benchmark on the new ASUS will be handicapped.

11-18-01, 03:29 PM
Thanks for your advice , you have right about the clean install that it helps .

But i did some manual cleaning of win2k un needet services , and i am fine now .