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11-13-01, 08:11 AM
I've been looking at the new Creative Labs Audigy sound cards and would appreciate a little feedback from you Audigy owners out there ! I'm running a 667mhz PIII and do alot of gaming. I have a set of Klipsch 4.1's and my current sound card is an Aureal Vortex SQ2500 that came with my Micron. What I'm wondering is will I notice any REAL difference if I make the investment in the Audigy ? I see there's four different versions out there, the OEM, the gamer, the MP3 and the platnium. I've checked out all the info but the only difference I can see in the specs (other than software) is the Platnium has the gizmo that mounts in the front of the box. Any other major differences besides that ?

Recommendations ?

Thanks !


11-13-01, 08:28 AM
Your right about what comes with what card. The card is the same in all versions.

I see your using Klipsch 4.1's. Yeah you may notice a difference. If it's worth it , is up to you. Where that card shines, is it's a 24 bit card instead of 16 bit for playback. If you play mp3's, you can use the MAD decoder with Winamp and you'll notice a difference there also.

You will probably see a difference over your Aureal Vortex in gamming also. Still, wether or not spending $90 is worth it, is up to you.

11-13-01, 09:23 AM
Aureal Vortex SQ2500 is a top sound card , if you use Win98 you have all he power of it specialy the A3D effects .

I use Win2k , and i have loose the A3D effects , but i love the EQ in hardware and the clear sound .

The 24 bit of the Audigy it will not help you that much , its not worth to spent money just for that .

But if you deside to go for the Audigy , i am buying your Aureal on the spot .

11-13-01, 11:31 AM
The only thing about the Audigy that sparks my interest is that it uses very few cpu cycles, even when processing 64 voices or sound channels in games.

This is however unremarkable as most of the competition to Creative has been like this for quite some time.

11-13-01, 04:51 PM
One 667mhz PIII ,is hard to be effected , than any extra CPU cycles of a sound card .
Specialy nowdays , that most of the heat is on the video cards .

11-13-01, 06:13 PM
either stick with your sound card you have right now or go with a sound blaster live! x-gamer since you ARE a gamer and it comes with 4 games. this sound card is also about $40 less since the audigy came out. and you will not notice any difference between the audigy and the x-gamer 5.1 unless your an audio expert.