View Full Version : Strike one...Gigabyte mobo...bad on delivery

11-13-01, 07:24 AM
Well....i am sad to report that the first Gigabyte 7VXTE mobo was bad out of the box.

Tried EVERYTHING to just get a bios screen.

no good. tried diff vids cards and diff monitors and only had the vid card hooked up.
even fired it up out of the case standing on end so as to make sure it wasnt shorting on the case....(i had risers on it so im positive it didnt short out) Couldnt get the video to initalize even one time.....tried swapping ram too all slots....no good.

if the next ones bad.....im getting an ABIT

so im shipping the mobo and the chip back to NewEgg.com. :-(

by the way......next time you guys buy something try out NewEgg........they ship out fast as hell and have excellent customer service. I didnt have to struggle with them at all to take back my stuff and they will automatically send out my replacements once the get my stuff back.

11-13-01, 07:52 AM
I personally would never use Gigabyte. My friend has tried it once, works for him fine, but I preffer to stick these brands: Abit, Asus and if I get desperate MSI.

11-13-01, 09:16 AM
if I get desperate MSI.

hahahaaaaaa LOL :D

MSI makes good boards , the site of them sux !!